Security Solutions for Your Office

Looking to update your office security? Get Locksmith offers an entire range of office security services that will keep both your business and employees safe from various threats. With professional mobile teams in the field, affordable rates, 24/7 availability, and advanced lock solutions to match the custom needs of any business, we are your go-to team.

We know just how critical business safety truly is, and we can assess your exact vulnerabilities and weak spots and provide you with compatible solutions to keep your space safe from potential intruders.

office securityOffice security services we offer:

  • Office lock installation
  • Office key card making
  • Duplicate key making
  • Window lock and alarm installation
  • Push panic bars
  • Filing cabinet locks
  • Security camera fitting
  • Office alarms

Office Door Lock Installation

Any office space needs to have sturdy locks on the doors in order to make employees feel safe and enjoy their confidentiality. Office buildings also need to have good locks on the main entrance to prevent unauthorized people from getting in. Expert door lock installation on all doors that lead to and from your commercial space becomes a priority. At Get Locksmith we specialize in the entire array of commercial locks, including:

  • Rim/mortise locks. Popular on most commercial doors, as well as glass doors, these locks are mounted on the interior of doors.
  • Cam locks. Usually found on filing cabinets, as well as mailboxes, and sometimes low-security OEM apps. They can be used together with other locking mechanisms. The best models rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise 90/180 degrees.
  • Wall-mounted locks. These types of locks are mounted in the wall and some of the most popular models are the Knox-Box or the fireman's box style lock that is found in large commercial businesses. It is used as the primary emergency access to the keys of the building. These locks can also be used as small safes and installation can be done on a variety of wall surfaces. Wall mounted locks can also be used together with alarm sensors to enable security system networking and unauthorized access detection.
  • Furniture locks. These range from cabinet to sliding door and desk locks and they can either be a bolt or push button locks. They can be installed onto already existing hardware that does not have a lock installed.
  • Rim latch locks. They feature standard or custom rim cylinders and a latch lock. They can be used together with external doors and other types of locks.

Office Key Card Makingkey card

Spaces that rely on key card locks can be installed for enhanced protection. Only people who are authorized to access the building or a specific room will be given access cards. The cards should contain a recent picture, as well as the full name of the respective employee. Visiting clients and business partners should also be given cards with their personal information.

Here at Get Locksmith, we specialize in office key card making and we can guide you towards choosing the best keypad system possible.

Locks For Filing Cabinets

Since they usually contain some of the most confidential and sensitive information within your company, filing cabinets need to be secured with the help of high-quality filing cabinet locks. Get Locksmith can recommend the best locks for your office filing drawers and cabinets and install them for you on the spot. We can also repair or replace existing locks hassle free.

Push Bar Installation

In case of emergency, these push panic bars are lifesavers. While they will not enable access to anyone from the outside, they allow you to rapidly exit the building in case of a fire or a similar threat. Additionally, panic push bars may a security regulation in your state and mandatory to install in your work space.

Security Camera Installation

All good commercial security systems need to encompass quality security cameras installed on the interior and exterior of an office. They are excellent deterrents against burglars at night, as well as good ways of insuring your employees are not wasting any company time or taking home any office supplies. You should also be able to use the images provided by a 24/7 recording surveillance camera in case something does go missing.

Window Lock Installation

More than 30 percent of all commercial property break-ins occur because of improperly secured windows. We can fit window bars and grills, small-keyed locks, and window alarms on your windows and help you properly secure these vulnerable areas in your office.

Alarm System Installation

With a rich variety of business security systems to choose from, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. While you may be tempted to think that paying a lot of money for such a system automatically means that you are getting the best deal possible, this is not always the case. Price does not always reflect quality here. We warmly advise you to get in touch with us and let us recommend the systems that would best fit your property. We will give you a list of pros and cons and help you make the most informed decision possible.

Expert Commercial Locksmith Services

To avoid any unwanted disgruntled employee incidents, you should invest in a professional business locksmith company that will not only provide you with the best solutions, but also cost less than regular security companies. By limiting access to your most vulnerable areas and having proper key control, you should be able to run your business smoother and with fewer incidents.

Get in touch with us whether you need a new lock installed or a duplicate key made for your commercial space. We also handle emergency office lockouts, so don't hesitate to call now! We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and we charge low prices for quality service. Give us a try today!