Window Locks Installation & Repairs

Have the locks on your home windows stopped working as intended? Has someone attempted to break into your office through a window lately? Contact the Get Locksmith team today and let our expert technicians do the necessary repairs or replacements on the spot. We're fast, affordable, and available in your area thanks to our expert mobile crews. Call now for a window lock emergency and we will reach you within 20 minutes!

In case you do not already have locks installed on your home or office windows, or you are planning on making a security upgrade and you need a lock replacement, give us a call. We charge some of the most affordable prices in the industry and we are available 24/7 for emergencies.

window locksWindow Lock Services We Offer

  • Window lock installation services for residential properties

  • Window lock installation services for commercial spaces

  • Old window lock replacement services

  • Broken window lock repairs

  • Damaged window latch repairs

We do not only offer the entire range of window lock services to residential and commercial customers, but we also guarantee high-quality work and fast response times every time.

Window Lock Repair Services

Window lock problems are more important than most people might think. A vulnerable, faulty, or unresponsive lock will not only prevent you from opening and closing your windows as desired but will also pose a high-security risk on your property.

If you are not sure whether you should hire a professional locksmith to handle your window lock problems, here are a few guidelines you can follow:

  • The latch on your window is broken or damaged

  • You are unable to unlock your window

  • You cannot lock your window because of a faulty lock

  • You have lost/ misplaced the key to your window or someone has stolen I

  • You want to do a security upgrade on your lock

  • Simply moved into a new home and you need to change the lock

  • Someone has attempted to break into your home through your lock

  • The lock is jammed

  • The key will not fully turn into the lock

  • The cylinder is broken

If you are dealing with a faulty lock that is preventing you from locking your window, we will replace the faulty parts or realign the window. We will start by assessing the main reasons why your window refuses to close. We could be looking at an improperly fitted window strike in case of a break-in attempt. Your window may also need additional adjusting in order to correct the frame and window fitting. Often times, the rubber seal on your window is not sitting the right way.

No matter which of these problems you might be confronted with, we will carefully assess it and immediately take the necessary repair measures.

Window Lock Replacement Services

If the key refuses to fully turn inside the lock, you could be dealing with one of the following:

  • a window alignment problem

  • a poor quality lock malfunction

  • the wear-and-tear factor

  • an accidentally glued lock

  • a foreign object that is stuck inside the lock

Our authorized locksmiths will most likely decide to replace the lock in each of these cases. In order to do this, they will first need to open the window with advanced tools. They will also need to cut a new set of window keys.

Floppy window lock handles are also an indicator of a faulty locking system. If you're having problems pulling the key upwards or downwards inside the lock, your keys have probably been cut the wrong way. You may be also dealing with a worn-out cylinder on your lock.

No matter which of these issues you may be currently dealing with, give us a call and schedule an appointment. We can replace a wide array of different lock mechanisms on all types of windows on site. We can handle anything from fresh multi-point locking system installation to hook and bolt style replacement for your windows.

Types Of Window Locks We Service

We can handle a rich selection of window locks for both homes and office spaces, including:

Window Latches

These are the most popular types of window locks most of our customers prefer. The latches are installed on sashes which are secured together when the window is closed from the inside. You can add extra locks to these latches.

Swivel action locks

Featuring an enhanced degree of convenience in use, these locks come with your own self-locking mechanism. All you need to do is simply close the window when you need to lock it - no additional effort needed.

Folding latches

The latch needs to be folded down once the window is closed. In order to open the window, all you need to do is simply unfold the ledge.

Keyed window locks

These locks require the use of a key in order to lock/unlock the window from the inside. While they can improve security on your property, they're not the most convenient alternatives for homes. However, offices can benefit from their excellent features.

Contact us today and let us handle any window lock problem straight away, with zero delays and at good rates. All of our locksmiths are licensed and insured, and we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call and schedule an appointment today!