Sliding Glass Doors

Looking for the best way to secure your sliding glass door? Does your patio door not lock properly? Our lock technicians can recommend and install the best glass door locks for you.

If you have decided to have a patio door lock or a sliding glass door lock installed in your home for additional security reasons, get in touch with us. We can help you strengthen security on your otherwise vulnerable glass doors and make them almost unbreakable so you can continue to enjoy their fine aesthetics with zero risks.

glass door locksOur expert locksmiths specialize in all types of sliding glass door locks and they can handle various other security details for sliding glass and patio doors. Whether you need help with shopping for the sturdiest locks for your patio doors, or you need periodical maintenance and repairs, we are the people for the job.

Patio door lock services we offer:

  • Consultation services for the best patio door locks
  • Sliding glass door lock installation
  • Patio door lock repairs
  • Lock replacement for broken patio door locks
  • Lock re-keying for old and broken patio door locks
  • Sliding glass door lock inspection assessment and testing
  • Tips on increasing security on sliding glass and patio doors

Sliding glass doors have a spectacular design that convinces lots of homeowners to have them fitted into their homes. However, in order to enjoy high levels of safety for you and your loved ones, you will need to install the most reliable locks that a burglar will have a hard time picking. This is a job for an expert locksmith. Give Get Locksmith a call today and schedule an appointment. We would be more than happy to assess your exact patio door security needs and put our recommendations into practice. We work fast and we rely on the most advanced tools and methods in the industry. We also charge some of the most affordable rates for an even more convenient experience.

Patio/Sliding Glass Door Lock Installation

There are numerous types of patio/sliding glass doors to choose from. Some are sturdier than others and some come with more advantages that will help burglar-proof your home. We have dedicated a lot of our time and energy to the careful study of these locks. We can handle the installation for you in no time, no matter what kind of lock you might set your mind on:

Foot Locks For Patio Doors

These locks are some of the most convenient types of locks you could opt for, you will simply need to make use of your foot to work the lock mechanism and open and close the door. While these locks might not sound like the most powerful options, they are actually able to deter most burglars who do not wish to be caught while struggling to break the respective lock.

Clamp Locks For Sliding Glass Doors

This is one of the most popular types for sliding glass doors given the enhanced degree of security they can provide. They need to be installed by authorized locksmiths for ideal results, or else you will risk damaging your sliding glass door.

Twist-in Door Locks For Patio Doors

This lock relies on a bolt that screws into the frame when the door is locked, making it almost impossible to break. The lock continues to make the patio door equally convenient and easy to use, so it is worth considering.

Keyed Patio Door Locks

These locks require homeowners to use a key for access control, turning them into a good option for people who are particularly worried about the safety of their property. 

Double-Bolt Locks For Sliding Glass Doors

These types of locks are difficult to pick and they guarantee high levels of protection. Choose a model that is made of high-grade metal and can be successfully fitted at any height on the door. Maintenance and servicing are easy and can be completed by professional home locksmiths.  

Loop Locks For Sliding Glass Doors

The lock enables users to lock the door from the inside with extreme ease and small effort. These locks are highly appreciated for their aesthetic design, but they also do a good job security-wise.

Patio/Sliding Glass Door Lock Repair Services

A broken patio door lock will affect the security of your home and it should be immediately taken care of. Act fast and give us a call. We will send over the nearest mobile crew that will reach your address in the shortest time possible and fix the problem hassle-free.

Whether you are dealing with a lock that refuses to lock the right way or a broken lock that won't open the door when prompted, we can use the most advanced tools and repair procedures and take care of everything for you on the spot.

Additional Sliding Glass Door Security Measuressliding door

Having a sturdy lock on your patio door is a crucial step toward a safe home. Nevertheless, there are even more things you could do to beef up security:

  • Install high-security chains on the interior of the tracks of your sliding door and make your door (almost) impenetrable. Fit an auxiliary lock on the sliding door and use both locks when going to bed at night or when going on vacation.

  • Use patio security bars that enable you to bolt the door from the interior to prevent potential intruders from getting in through a kicking attempt. These bars need to be installed manually every time you use them, so they might not be the most convenient options. However, our technicians will be glad to give you a few tips on how to improve your experience with these safety devices.

Whether you have a French, sliding or folding patio or glass door, we can install, service and maintain your locks on a 24/7 basis. Give us a ring and we will help you make your patio doors burglar-proof in no time!