Master Keys

In a commercial building, master keys can be very useful since there are usually many locks for the business. Between the outside door, bathrooms, various offices, storage spaces, and file rooms, a standard business owner can require many different keys.

To make life easier, a master key system can be implemented which only requires one key to open all the doors inside the business. Master keys work in multiple locks with the same make and model. These keys work through a basic pin tumbler lock. Inside the cylinder of the lock, there are usually around 5 pins. In between the pins is the shear line.

Once a key is inserted into the lock, the pins get pushed up and the shear lines shift to allow the key to open up the lock. By adding a master wafer, or master pin, there will be an additional shear line which allows the master key to turn in all of the locks. Therefore, even though there are different combinations within the key, the extra shear line enables a number of different keys to fit into the lock.

Having a master key system at your office ensures that even if an employee loses his/her set of keys, there are always backup ones on-site. In addition, you can restrict access to certain employees as a master key system allows for a variety of levels of access based on the key itself.


Consider installing a master key system in your office for convenience and greater accessibility. But, remember to always have an extra set as a backup in case one of the sets is lost!