Professional Mailbox Services

Whether you need a new mailbox installed on your property, or you need emergency mailbox lockout services, the Get Locksmith team is here to assist you. We specialize in all types of mailbox services and we can cater to your needs with our fast and affordable mobile crews.

mailbox servicesMailbox Locksmith Services We Offer

Traditional mailboxes usually come with a front door that has no lock on it. This turns them into highly vulnerable mail storage options that can lead to identity theft. While it is a federal offense to take another person's mail, neighborhood criminals and opportunist thieves will not hesitate to take mail that does not belong to them without the owner's consent. Thieves can this way take checks or money that is usually received by mail, or get important credit card statements that can help them steal the rightful owner's identity.

Whether you have a keyless mailbox located right outside your home or a mailbox with a faulty lock as part of a local community mailbox system, you should hire professional mailbox services as soon as possible. You want your mail to be properly guarded against threats and vulnerabilities, and your sensitive information to be kept safe from the hands of property criminals. Identity theft protection services are a good idea in this regard, but you should also immediately strengthen security in your mailbox with the help of sturdy locks and keys.

Fresh lock installation and key extraction from jammed locks are all part of the expert mailbox services we specialize in here at Get Locksmith.

Mailbox Services We Offer:

  • New mailbox lock installation

  • Mailbox lock repair

  • Mailbox lock rekeying

  • Faulty or jammed mailbox lock replacement

  • Office mailbox services

  • Key extraction from jammed or stuck locks and keys

  • Key copies

When it comes to the security of your mailbox, we have got the right tools, knowledge, and expertise to handle it all. We can install, service, and replace all styles and brands of locks and keys for both residential and commercial clients. Our mobile crews will reach your exact address and perform affordable mailbox lock changes, jammed key extractions, non-invasive lockouts and any other type of security service-connected to enhanced protection. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us and let us assist you with all of your needs and questions.

identity theftNew Mailbox Installation

Type of mailboxes we install:

  • Residential mailboxes

  • Commercial building mailboxes

  • User mailboxes

  • Service account mailboxes

  • Equipment mailboxes

If you are planning on having your old, rusty or broken mailbox replaced with a new one, we can help you fit any brand and model and assist you with installing the most advanced mailbox with the best security lock possible. If you simply wish to replace an old mailbox with a new one, you can use the same ground built-in location. If you wish to place your new mailbox in a different location, you will need to have your utilities clearly marked out. There is also the risk of hitting any electrical or sprinkler lines running beneath the ground in your yard. Call 811 and have an expert come over and mark your utilities within 48 hours for free. Next, you will have 10 days to install your new mailbox post in a secure area. It is best to hire a licensed and insured locksmith like the Get Locksmith team to have a hassle-free installation process with zero complications.

Keep all your bills and important mail safe and sound from the hands of potential identity thieves with a brand new mailbox installed by a pro. No matter if you need help with your home or office mailbox, give us a call and we will come right over and help you on the spot.

Jammed Mailbox Lock Repairs

The locks on your mailbox could also get too worn or damaged to work properly over the years. This will cause the keys to start getting stuck inside the lock every now and then. If you are dealing with a weathered mailbox lock issue, take care of it as soon as possible to avoid a frustrating lockout in the near future. Keys that get stuck inside the lock are difficult to remove by residential and commercial users. Mailbox keys can also break inside the keyway and they require professional key removal tools for extra safety. Our well-trained mailbox locksmiths are here to assist you with your every mailbox lockout need.

Mailbox Lock Installation Services

If your existing mailbox does not have a pre-installed lock, or you would like to replace the current lock with a different one for higher levels of protection and confidentiality, our technicians are here to help. We can help you choose a curbside locking mailbox or a mailbox that can be mounted on a wall. The curbside mailbox is more suitable for larger mail. Five-cam locks are oftentimes recommended due to their removable cams and 5-pin tumblers and the simple installation on the exterior.

Depending on your budget and preferences, we can help you select the most suitable types of mailbox locks and install them for you on the spot.

Authorized And Licensed Mailbox Services

All of our mailbox lock experts are insured and/or bonded and they have undergone advanced training in the field. They have got the right experience and know-how needed to take care of any mailbox security problem. They can complete fast and affordable mailbox installations and help you get rid of your old mailbox you no longer need.

If you are looking to have a broken or jammed lock on a mailbox repaired, you need fresh installation from scratch or other security upgrades, Get Locksmith is the team for you. Call today, schedule an appointment with us and take advantage of our fast, affordable and comprehensive solutions!