Car Key Replacement

Replacing car keys is one of the most frequent services we provide for our customers. From regular transponder keys to key-less proximity remotes, our technicians have state-of-the-art equipment and software in order to provide you with quick, efficient, and affordable on-site service! Upon arrival, our specialist will proceed by decoding the lock and cutting a test blade for your vehicle. Once the blade has been tested on your door locks and ignition, he then will continue with programming the transponder chip (which allows you to start the vehicle) and the remote (if necessary). Automotive manufacturers have various types of ignitions and key options for their vehicles, which means the labor involved in programming and the cost of parts may vary.

Rusty or Damaged Key

If you notice that your car key is getting rusty or is slightly misshapen due to age and rough use, don't wait till you're locked out of the car or for your key to actually snap. Come into our shop, or call for a locksmith to come to you, to have your car key recut. Our locksmith franchises are fully outfitted with all the nessecary equipment for cutting and programing new keys no matter which car make or model you drive.

Stolen or Misplaced Car Keys

Misplacing car keys happens more often that you may think. When this happens, there's really no way to know if those keys will turn up or if they're gone. Don't waste any more time, just give us a call and our expert locksmiths can cut new car keys for you in a matter of minutes. If your keys have been stolen, however, you may want to consider having your locks rekeyed, so that the old keys will no longer work.

Transponder Key Replacement

Most cars today come with transponder keys. This key has a chip inside, which sends a signal to your car's ignitian. This ensures that only a transponder key, compatible with your car can turn your car on. Now what happens if you lost your key? A regular copy of a key simply won't work. No need to worry; at Get-Locksmith, we have the programming equipment needed to program a new transponder key for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Car Keys

Question: What information does Get Locksmith need to make a new key?

Answer: To ensure your initial call goes as efficiently as possible, please be ready to inform our dispatchers with the following:

  • Make, Model, and Year of the vehicle
  • The type of key you misplaced, whether it was a regular transponder key (no remote), remote key, or proximity key  (Push-to-Start).
  • If you have an existing key, but it will not start the vehicle, provide us with any information that may assist us. This includes; when was the last time you were able to start the vehicle? Was there any damage to the key as a result of dropping on the floor or coming into contact with water?

Question: If I find my old key or if my old key was stolen, would it still work once I am provided with a new key?

Answer: In most instances, your original key will not work due to the programming procedure involved with producing a replacement key. This is also a safety measure in prevention of theft in case a stranger recovers your key and tries to start your vehicle. In the event that you do find your old key, we may reprogram it to the vehicle for an additional cost.

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