Car Key Replacement

Do you need replacement car keys for your vehicle? Our auto locksmiths specialize in all types of automotive key repair and replacement services.

Car key replacement is one of the most frequent services we are hired to provide to our customers. Ranging from regular transponder keys to key-less proximity remotes, our car technicians rely on state-of-the-art equipment and software in order to provide you with quick, efficient, and affordable on-site service.

Local Car Lock Key Services

Whether you are looking for a new set of keys to your car, or you need help with your transponder key, Get Locksmith is ready to assist you. Our 24/7 local emergency service can reach any address in the areas that we cover within 20 minutes from placing a call to our hotline.

Upon arrival, our technicians will proceed by decoding the lock and cutting a test blade for the car. Once the blade has been tested under locks as well as the ignition switch, the process will continue in the programming of the transponder chip, as well as the remote, if needed. Keep in mind different cars come with different types of ignition and key options. This means the locksmith will need to figure out various programming solutions with varying costs. 

No matter if you are dealing with the rusty or damaged key, or if you have lost or misplaced your key fob, our nearby mobile teams are ready to assist you. A stolen car key will automatically mean your car is at a higher risk of burglary.

car key replacementCar key replacement services we offer:

  • Key duplication services
  • Key replacement services
  • Transponder key reprogramming
  • Broken car key replacement
  • Broken car key extraction

Spare Car Key Services

Whether the current key to your car has stopped working the right way or you have started noticing it getting jammed in the lock, you may need professional car key replacement services. A worn out or rusty key usually has teeth that may no longer match the lock. This automatically prevents the key from opening the door and is usually a result of the wear-and-tear. If you're having trouble unlocking or locking the door to your car every time you need to, it is important to immediately replace your keys and avoid getting stuck out of your car.

If you're not sure if your keys are faulty or if you need to have your lock fixed, get in touch with our professional locksmith service. Our long and rich experience in the field will help us immediately assess any type of car key and key fob problem and recommend the best solutions.

Rusty or Damaged Keys

If you notice that your car key is getting rusty or is slightly misshaped because of repetitive and/or rough use, don't wait until you're locked out of the car or your key snaps. Call a keysmith nearby and we will immediately send over the nearest locksmith to have your car key re-cut. Our locksmith franchises are fully equipped with all the necessary tools for cutting and programming new keys no matter which car make or model you may drive.

Stolen or Misplaced Keys

Misplacing car keys happens more often than you may think. Instead of spending precious time waiting for someone to show up with your keys, give us a call and our expert locksmiths will cut a new car key for you in a matter of minutes.

If your keys have been stolen, however, you may want to consider having your locks re-keyed, so that the old keys are rendered useless.

Transponder Key Replacement Services

Transponder keys are keys that contain embedded electronic chips also known as transponders. These keys only allow the ignition to be started by inserting unique codes sent from the key to the receiver of the car. This mechanism is an excellent preventative measure against unauthorized ignition access.

If you have lost your transponder key, getting a regular copy of the key will not work. No need to worry; at Get-Locksmith, we have the programming equipment needed to program a new transponder key for you in just a few minutes.

Duplicate Key Services For Vehicles

Our specialty locksmiths work with a variety of locks and keys in order to cater to the needs of each and every customer. No matter if you are driving a motorcycle, a truck, a van, or a sports car, we have the expertise and equipment needed to provide you with a spare set of keys.

We also specialize in key cutting, transponder key programming, car key replacement services, and key fobs. We can usually generate new keys on location since we carry a wide array of key fobs, blank car keys, and transponder keys on our trucks.

Post-Extraction Replacement Car Keys

If your key has gotten stuck inside your car's lock, the first thing you should do is pick up the phone and get in touch with us. Avoid using any DIY key extraction methods, as you will only risk breaking or damaging your key or lock even further. We work with the latest tools and technology available and we guarantee good results every time. We will make sure to immediately replace the key or lock in case of accidental damage on site.

Broken Car Key Replacement

If you are already dealing with a broken key to your car, call our hotline available 24/7 and let us get you back on the road in no time. We can reach you within 20 minutes from placing a call, assess the problem and deliver the fastest solutions. We have the right tools to repair or replace any standard, transponder or remote keys on any make and model of vehicle.

Give our dispatch number a call and we will send over the nearest mobile locksmith in your proximity. Or click here to find a locksmith franchise near you. Get a free quote and have your broken or lost car keys replaced or fixed in no time, at your own convenience. Call now!

Frequently Asked Questions - Car Keys

What information does Get Locksmith need to make a new key?

To ensure your initial call goes as efficiently as possible, please be ready to inform our dispatchers with the following:
  • Make, Model, and Year of the vehicle
  • The type of key you misplaced, whether it was a regular transponder key (no remote), remote key, or proximity key  (Push-to-Start).
  • If you have an existing key, but it will not start the vehicle, provide us with any information that may assist us. This includes; when was the last time you were able to start the vehicle? Was there any damage to the key as a result of dropping on the floor or coming into contact with water?

If I find my old key or if my old key was stolen, would it still work once I am provided with a new key?

In most instances, your original key will not work due to the programming procedure involved with producing a replacement key. This is also a safety measure in prevention of theft in case a stranger recovers your key and tries to start your vehicle. In the event that you do find your old key, we may reprogram it to the vehicle for an additional cost.