Desk and File Cabinet Locks

File Cabinet Locks

There are many confidential and important documents in a successful business. In order to protect this paperwork from being stolen, replicated, lost or destroyed, consider installing desk and file cabinet locks in your office on all your wood filing cabinets, lateral file cabinets and any desk that has a drawer that can be locked.

Desk Locks

Many employees leave important documents and items in their office desks. In order to secure these valuable items, installing a desk lock is important. The can be many different types and brands of locks available so you will have to find the ones that are most suitable for your office and security needs.

File Cabinet Locks

Private documents are usually stored in file cabinets in the office. In order to prevent any theft or misplacement, the cabinets should be locked at all times. Both of these locks are made up of a wafer tumbler lock which contains flat metal pieces called wafers, that need to be pushed in the correct position in order for the lock to open. Once the correct key is inserted into the lock, the wafers rotate the lock, thereby unlocking it. Each employee would receive a key that only works for their desk and file cabinet. The manager would receive a master key that could open up any of the locks. In case of misplacement, theft or a broken lock, the locks can easily be re-keyed by a commercial locksmith technician.