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Are you looking for an affordable car key duplication locksmith near me? If you have lost or misplaced a set of keys or you would like to act proactively and have a new set of duplicate car keys made, the Get Locksmith team is here to assist you. Visit our Houston shop if you live within the city or you happen to be in town, or give our nationwide customer support representatives a call at 844-404-5625. Our professional car key clone experts rely on the most advanced copy key and transponder key programming tools and software.

We can assist you on the spot, no matter what make and model of a vehicle, SUV, RV, truck or bus you might need help with. Call now and let us send over our nearest mobile locksmith. We can save you precious time, energy and money!

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We work with the most advanced key fob programming and car key duplication tools in the industry and we can guarantee your satisfaction with every job. We only hire authorized, insured and/or bonded locksmiths with hands-on experience who have undergone extensive training and can handle all types of requests. Whenever you need assistance from a local car locksmith available in Houston or the surrounding area, no exception, give us a call. It is essential to know exactly where to turn when you need a spare key cut. The friendly, skilled and professional Get-Locksmith team is happy to provide you with the assistance you need at your own convenience, no matter if you are at home or on vacation away from home and you decide it is time to get that spare set of keys done.

We are well-versed automotive locksmiths and we can offer quality spares for the most popular brands of cars, including Hyundai, Ford, Subaru, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Volkswagen, or Nissan.

Fully-Equipped Locksmith Near Me Service

If you need an affordable local locksmith in Houston or other parts of Texas, give us a call. Our fully mobile and local technicians travel fully equipped and they rely on the best automatic and semi-automatic key cutting and key duplication machines. We can make your spare keys that precisely fit your car in no time, especially if you have a functional set of keys that we can clone, aka car key duplication service.

We are experts in using Genie Transponder Key Programming Machines used for programming a new blank key for Mercedes, BMW or Range Rover vehicles, to name just a few of the brands. This machine is excellent at preparing banks for cloning vehicles that rely on the crypto type car keys such as the Philips RFID Tags. Our experts can rapidly change an old password, archive important data or program RFID Tags that are unlocked with the help of the Genie machine, as well as clone Texas Instrument 4C, T5 20, Philips 73, Temic 1/40, T5 33, Temic 1/32 and other Tags. With the help of the instructions that will show up on the LCD display, the read and write options, as well as the cloning format alternatives, we will either clone a key for you (for blue keys) or use an older transponder key by having the chip removed and placed into a Silca, Jet or key less chips types of keys (for red keys).

Keep in mind that not all keyless chips can be used on all brands, which means our locksmiths will need to work out a clever solution. For example, we can use a rubber head and cut a cavity in the key's head, place the old chip inside and use epoxy for sealing. While this is not the most aesthetically pleasing cloned key you can expect to see, it will be fully functional and quick.

We also work with other advanced tools like the BRM Programming Tool that enables us to easily connect transponder keys to vehicles that rely on EWS 3 or EWS 2 systems, such as Mini Cooper, BMW or Range Rover. With the help of this box that our technicians will easily place over the EWS's micro-controller, they will open the slots where they plan to program the keys. Usually, your vehicle should have four keys from the factory, which means up to six more OEM keys can be ordered and used.

We also use Slide Decoders that can effectively read the right codes and key cuts for vehicles that use high-security locks, such as Volkswagen or Audi. These tools feature no spring wiring and they can be easily used on cars with older locks (2001 and older Audi locks, for example), as well as Type 2 locks on models that were manufactured post-2002. Our technicians know just how to use the pivotal lever with a disc wafer and wait for it to bottom out, then rely on the indications of the pointer to find out the exact depth and spacing for accurate results. At times, when the lever fails to spring back at the right spacing once the locksmith has pushed it down a few times, they will need to switch the decoder and place it to the opposite end.

We also rely on various other new spare car keys tools such as N Dongle for Honda vehicles, ADC-251 master OBD cables with LED lights that help us find the car's OBD port hassle-free and VAP Login Detectors for programming hundreds of vehicles models. Machines like the Smart Pro allows us to do intuitive car key programming with the help of an easy-to-use graphical UI, with Info Quest software and a rich database consisting of more than five hundred vehicles. This means we can assist you no matter what make and model you might be driving. Whether you need help with remote keyless entry keys, proximity or simple transponder keys and standard car keys that require cloning, we are here to assist you.

Call now and schedule a car key clone job with us and let us reach your address and save you time, money and a potential lockout service call in the near future. If you are in Houston, drop by our local locksmith Houston shop. We would be glad to provide you with professional and reliable car key duplication services on the spot!