Know About the Pros and Cons of Window Bars

window bars

Your home should be the safest place in the whole world where you can relax and rejuvenate. Your home is an abode to not only your valuable possessions but your loved ones as well. Therefore, it is necessary to take the needed steps to keep your home safe and secure from intruders.

Apart from having the best locks secured in and around your house along with cameras and alarm systems, getting windows bars is something you should do. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of windows bars.

Home Burglaries on The Rise!

According to the latest statistics released by the FBI, about one home becomes a victim of a burglary in 20 seconds. This calculates up to five hundred homes per day. These are startling statistics because it signifies that the next home could be yours. Living in negligence and believing that nothing can happen can only lead to disappointment later on. Therefore, it is important that you take appropriate security measures to keep your house protected from foreign elements.

Experts state that it takes about ten minutes for intruders to get inside the home of the victim. A smart burglar might take even less time to rob your home of your valuables, money, and other precious things. Most homeowners are able to find out about the robbery that has happened late at night, only in the morning.

It has been found that large numbers of intruders make use of a front window or the front door to get inside the house. If you have not adopted the right ways to secure your front door and windows, chances are that you are exposing your home to burglars. Therefore, it is best to consider installing window grills for better protection.

What You Should Know About Window Bars

If you are planning to get window bars installed in your home, it is essential that you know about its pros and cons.

The Pros of Using Window Bars

window bars and grillsHaving window bars installed in your home is a good idea because of these advantages:

  • Window bars are created of thick and strong materials that make it extremely challenging for intruders to damage or cut them. The use of specialized tools to cut through window bars only attracts the attention of neighbors, trespassers or the homeowners themselves.
  • If you have a window that is easy to break, you can add window bars to enhance their security. You can consider an additional lock system to make the security of your windows more efficient. It is suggested to have electronic or sensor locks installed in your ground floor windows so that you get an alert notification on your smartphones if somebody tried to tamper with it.
  • With windows bars intact on your windows, you can leave your windows open during the day to enjoy the fresh gush of air without having to worry about intruders. Window bars also come in handy when you want to stop your children from silently sneak out of the house using the windows as an exit point.
  • Small kids and pets remain safe with window bars installed since it eliminates the risk of falling out of a window.
  • Even if you have a smaller budget, you can get window bars installed on your windows as they are a budget-friendly option.

The Cons of Using Window Grills

  • If you are stuck with an emergency and you want to come out of your house quickly, you may not be able to do so through windows because of the installed window bars. During a crisis such as a fire in your house, the locks usually get disabled and you are unable to get out of the house. In such a scenario, your next option is to go out through the windows.
  • In addition, if emergency authorities need to get inside your house to help you in distress, window bars may not allow them smooth entry. This is one of the main disadvantages of window bars.  
  •  Window bars that are installed on windows of apartments will also stop people from the fire escape exit in case of a fire crisis or a similar emergency. The windows cannot be modified, which signifies you need to use any other exit point.
  • Most homeowners don’t like the installation of window bars as they think it spoils the overall aesthetic look. They think the window bars give their house the look of a jail. If you are one of those homeowners who give undue significance to the overall appearance of your home, these bars may ruin its appeal and beauty. Nevertheless, you can search for some brilliant window bars with some great designs to complement the aesthetic look of your house.
  • Apart from making your home look like a jail, you might not enjoy the view of the outdoors. This might come as a blow to many people who love watching out of their windows and enjoying the spectacular view. Even though this is important for some people, you must not sacrifice the security of your home. Keep in mind that your family, your well-being and your possessions are more important than anything else in your life.

These are some of the pros and cons of having window bars installed in your home. Make sure that you offer more importance to the security of your home than anything else.

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