Office Lockout Prevention Tips

office lockout

Have you ever accidentally gotten locked out of the office? It's quite an embarrassing situation to be in. Follow these few tips to avoid future lockouts!

Picture this situation:

You've just spent the longest day at the office, trying to figure out how to reach a deadline and avoid delaying more important upcoming projects. You have just one more report to finish, and you go down to the vending machine to get a quick snack to get you going. All of your co-workers have already left, and it's just you and the building's security guard now.

locked out You come back with a chocolate bar in one hand and a hot cup of coffee in the other one and as you get near your office, you catch a glimpse on the door that seems to be closed. That's odd, you don't remember locking the office behind you this time around since everyone is already gone. You start to get a weird tingling down your spine, but you can't exactly put your finger on what might be causing it. Something just feels off. As you reach your office, you can now clearly see the door is closed – and locked. You don't remember grabbing your keys with you, so your weird tingling turns into heavy breathing and a few extra heartbeats.

You've locked yourself out! How could that be? You always take your keys with you and you are always careful about not letting anyone get near your desk when you are not around.

Take a deep breath. It happens to the best of us, and it's not the end of the world. Think of the quickest way you could get in and finish your urgent report. Is there anyone you can call and ask them to bring over a spare key you can use? Is there a magical drawer with some keys you could test? Can you call your manager and explain the whole situation, hoping they will come to your rescue?

If this is your first lockout incident, you may be able to laugh it off in the morning by the watercooler. If you are no stranger to lockouts, your heart might be pounding a little too fast right now. Don't worry, you can give us a call and let us send over the nearest emergency locksmith in your area to restore your access to your office.

If you are not currently dealing with a real emergency, we advise you to take a look at the following office lockout prevention tips.

It's Always Better To Prevent Than To Treat

  • spare office keysAlways carry your office keys on you. Whether you are using the classic metal, bulky key or a modern-day electronic access card to enter your office, you should always carry it on you. This is the first and most important office lockout prevention tip you should memorize and put into practice 24/7. No matter where you might need to go in the middle of your work hours, you should grab your keys. It's usually those brief and unexpected visits outside your office that lead to accidental lockouts.

  • Never make the mistake of assuming one of your coworkers will be in the office upon your return. If you are the only one with a key to your office, act responsibly and always carry it on you. Use a special pocket for the key or use your keyring or smartphone case to safely store your key. This way, you will always know the whereabouts of your key and never risk losing, misplacing or leaving it behind.

  • Periodical maintenance service on your locks will also help you prevent any technical issues that might cause you to get locked out. Make sure your locks are in top shape all the time by hiring a local locksmith service for proper maintenance. Any faults and flaws in your locks will automatically prevent you from using your keys the right way, which could lead to lockouts.

  • Be mindful all the times. This is another good office lockout tip that could save you from a lot of trouble. Make sure you are always in touch with what you are doing, especially when locking and unlocking a door to your office. Feel that key into the palm of your hand and pay attention when twisting it into the keyway and placing it into your pocket/bag. Be diligent and remember to always stay in the moment until you make it a habit. You will thank yourself later.

  • Always carry a phone on you. Make sure that you can use a phone to call someone with a spare key in case you do get locked outside of your office for one reason or the other. You can also use a phone to call an emergency locksmith and immediately regain access to your office without too much hassle.

  • Have a spare key made and keep it at home or inside your car so you can easily grab it in case you get locked out. Spare keys are also useful as they can be used to replace a key that has broken in the lock. Just keep in mind it is recommended that you have your lock re-keyed in case you suspect someone might have stolen your keys or made copies without your consent.

Remember to save the number of an emergency locksmith in your phone and ask for professional help if you cannot handle the lockout situation you are in on your own.