Locks Outside The House

locks outside the house

While many people focus on locks inside their homes, it is important to think about the entryways outside of your home such as fences, sheds and gates that allow access onto your property. Because these structures are usually the gateway into your home, it is important to also use them for home security. Sometimes we store valuables in these external structures and therefore we must pay attention to these entryways as well.


Many homes have fences outside as a purely decorative measure. Usually, it is extremely easy to open these fences and they tend to be made from inadequate material. In order to use your fence wisely as a security precaution, they should be made from durable material such as iron, steel or aluminum. The fence should also be high enough that intruders are unable to climb over and trespass onto your property.


Because sheds are not attached to your home,and are usually tucked away in the backyard, making them more prone to burglars. Many people store valuable items in their sheds such as grills, outdoor furniture, tools and bikes, and therefore the type of lock you use for your shed is just as important as the locks you would use on the rest of your house. It is important to use a strong, reliable lock such as a deadbolt or heavy padlock since most sheds are not attached to an alarm system.


While fences surround your entire property, gates are the direct entry onto your property. Like fences, gates tend to be more decorative than security-based and can be easily opened from the outside.Gates should stretch from the ground to a height that is not easy to scale. Regardless of the height, the top of the fence should have something on top of it, such as spokes or a rough surface that prevents people from scaling it and entering your property. Always lock the gate from the inside and outside ensuring your safety and security.

Storm Doors

Storm doors, or screen doors depending on the season, most of the time provide a safeguard to the front door, but not much beyond that.  Most don’t have any kind of real locking mechanism at all.  However, that does not mean one can’t be added. Many major retailers sell handles and locks for the lighter weight design of a storm door frame.  If you’re going to have an extra door, you might as well make it a secure one.