Keyless Locks And Smart Locks: What’s The Difference?

smart locks for home

Are you looking for a modern upgrade to the bulky deadbolt on your front door right now? Do you need a way to know who is in your house at all times? Smart locks and keyless locks are making this possible, and are taking the lock industry by storm! Smart locks are different from keyless locks. Keyless locks can be any lock that does not require a key as its primary way to open it. This can be replaced by a keypad, touch screen, card reader, or some other code. Smart locks are locks that also do not require a physical key but can communicate with you and your house via a Bluetooth and wireless internet connection.

Why switch?

No matter how many measures get added, a house is never 100% protected. So why upgrade to a keyless lock or a smart lock?

  • You have multiple people coming in and out of your house while you are not there, and want to keep track of who is there.
  • You or another member of your family regularly forget their keys.
  • You are looking to centralize one or more of your home’s functions.

Which is better for you?

If you are looking at scenarios where non-immediate family members (relatives, construction workers, neighbors) will need access to your house on a limited basis, a keyless lock with a keypad is fairly basic but also effective. Most models can handle a large number of programmed codes. Once they no longer need access, you can de-program the code and that person will no longer be able to get into your house. In a world where people want to control everything through one central system, smart locks are coming to the forefront. Most smart locks won’t open unless you are within a certain range of the lock, and can identify the person entering simply by the phone being used. Some smart locks can keep a register of all entrances and exits on that door.

What are the concerns?

Technology is never without faults, and there is no such thing as a perfect system. Most smart locks have not worked out all of the kinks, as they are still in their infancy stage. Some have bulky setups that overwhelm the door frame itself. The biggest concern would have to be the reliability of the technology. Wireless networks can go down for no reason, and phones can stop working. Even if you do decide to install some version of a keyless lock, I would still keep a key with you and have a backup way to enter your home.

So what’s my next step?

Choosing a new lock, especially one that uses advanced technology, is all dependent on the needs of you and your family. The best solution is to call a locksmith and ask for a consultation as to which locks are best for your house. The experts at Get Locksmith are always ready and willing to offer you their advice and suggestions, as well as provide you with the best service possible.