How Do Magnetic Keys Work?

magnetic keys

A magnetic key harnesses the power of magnets to secure doors and emergency exits. If you have hidden compartments on your home or office drawers or cabinets that you would like to strengthen security on, a magnetic lock and key mechanism could be just what you are looking for.

Don't Think You're In The Clear

Without a doubt, property crime is a scary part of our lives. If you haven't personally fallen home has victim to a home burglar, you probably know someone who did. That's no surprise since 2017 FBI data speaks about close to three burglaries happening every 60 minutes in the US. This makes property burglary the runner-up in terms of the most frequent crimes recorded in the country, with larceny-theft as the uncrowned king of property crimes. There are close to 3,800 burglaries happening every day, so do not think you're in the clear simply because it hasn't happened to you yet.

What you should do instead is take as many precautions as possible:

  • Be proactive and start with a thorough home security inspection. If you do not have the time to walk around the house and determine which are your most vulnerable entry points and locks, what motion sensors, lights, alarms, and locks are missing or faulty, call an authorized locksmith.
  • Do not let opportunists and unscrupulous thieves make their way into your home because of a poor-quality lock that does not comply with the current security standards in the industry. A professional locksmith can immediately establish if you need a lock replacement, re-keying or some minor repairs and assist you on the spot.
  • Install reliable and advanced surveillance systems that allow you to keep an eye on your home from a distance and control access to it using access codes and smartphone apps.
  • When in doubt, opt for magnetic locks as they are some of the most efficient, burglarproof types of locks you could buy at the moment. of reasons.

How Do Magnetic Keys And Locks Work?

magnetic keysUnder normal circumstances, the lock's magnets are managed using a magnetic key that temporarily cuts the electrical power that is running through the lock. A few short seconds later, the electrical current returns to the lock and once again binds the door to the frame using the magnet. A magnetic iron plate is bound to the door, while the electromagnet is connected to the frame. The manner in which the coil is wound and the amount of electrical power that goes through the lock will establish the efficiency and sturdiness of the lock itself.

When quality components are used, a magnetic lock is extremely hard to pick. The lock also provides top door concealment features, making it more difficult to be tampered with. Magnetic keyed locks rely on a magnetic force that is so strong that it could potentially melt metal. In fact, doors that have magnetic locks on them can withstand a force of up to 1,200 pounds. Needless to say, these locks can keep any door shut, while eliminating the hassle of installing and using a standard lock bolt. So how do you open and close a magnetic lock door? Shortly put, it depends on the model.

  • As a general rule of thumb, magnetic locks use electrical power to temporarily turn metal into a magnet.
  • It is also possible for these locks to use various push and pull methods for the pins to be set into the right position to enable access into a building or a secluded cabinet compartment.
  • You can also come across a magnetic-coded lock that is a combination between a standard lock and a magnetic keyed model.

Fail-Secure VS Fail-Safe Magnetic Locks

Expert locksmiths or local hardware shops will also introduce you to fail-secure or fail-safe types of magnetic locks.

A fail-safe magnet keyed lock features a built-in feature that allows a door to immediately unlock in case of a fire or a power outage. On the other hand, a fail-secure lock will maintain a door locked during emergencies. Provided immediate evacuation is required in case of fire, flood, tornado or other natural calamities or artificial hazards, fail-safe locks are your safest bet.

Outstanding Features Of A Magnetic Key Lock

Burglarproof Solutions

While a standard lock is rather easy to pick using simple lock picking tools or an easily accessible bump key, a magnetic key lock provides extra safety as it is almost impossible to break using similar procedures. The more powerful the electrical power that passes thought the lock, the more sturdy the lock. In other words, a professional locksmith can beef up security on your home or office space by enhancing the amount of electrical power going through the lock.

Versatile Access Options

These locks can also be managed using key codes, swipe cards, fingerprint access controls or motion sensors. This makes it easier for building owners to simplify their authorized access alternatives.

Installation Is Easy

Any experienced locksmith can easily fit a magnetic key lock on a door with the help of expert tools and relatively simple procedures. For best results and zero problems, it is best to always have your locks installed by lock technicians who are authorized, insured and experienced. Our team can handle lock installation as well as lock repairs, magnetic key replacement and duplication, and other similar services at affordable rates.

While reliable, sturdy and having excellent features, magnetic locks are also more vulnerable as they rely on the constant flow of electricity which can be cut during an outage. If you are not sure a magnetic lock is a good solution for your home or office security needs, a professional locksmith can assist you with making your decision.