Locks You Might Have Forgotten About

Locks You Might Have Forgotten About

So you moved into a new house. You’ve updated the locks on your front doors, back doors, and even the one in the garage because it’s your most common entryway. But how many total doors do you have in your house? It’s probably more than just those three. And if you want your family and your valuables to be as safe as possible, you must remember to pay attention to those other doors as well.

Side Doors

Is there a random door on the side of the house that you never use? What about a sliding basement door you only use in summer? Just because you don’t use a particular door doesn’t mean a burglar hasn’t considered it as a potential way in for his exploits. The less you use a door also means you should have a stronger lock on it. The longs should not require regular attention, especially if you are not going to pay them mind most of the time. If you have a home security system, those doors should all have lock sensors on them as well.

Internal Doors

While you might not lock your bedroom doors every time you leave your house, consider the rooms where you store your valuables or important documents. Some extra level of security is needed for those rooms. If you are leaving your home for an extended period of time, those rooms can be more guarded while you’re away. Depending on the location of the room, and the value of these items, these doors may not necessarily require alarms but just adding a lock increases the guarantee that those items will remain safe in the case of a burglary.

Sheds and Backyard Structures

In some ways, unattached structures are at more risk for theft because they are usually not attached to alarms, or are in a spot that is constantly visible from the house. Many people store fairly expensive items in sheds, such as grills, leaf blowers, and lawn mowers. This can also apply to detached garages or garages that only open manually. For these structures, consider a heavy duty padlock or a strong key lock. For garage doors, consider an extra lock, such as a deadbolt. Similar to the recommendation for side doors, make sure they are strong and durable, and not something you have to worry about on a regular basis.

Gates and Fences

For the most part, gates and fences are built for decorative purposes. Most are very easy to open or easy to scale, depending on what material they are made from. For privacy fences or to be constructed for the purpose of security, you need to take a different approach. To turn fences into security measures, theys hould be made of materials that are tough to climb, and built to a height that is difficult for people to simply step over. Instead of chain link, or railroad ties (also known as farm fencing), consider pointed posts made of aluminum, wood, or even iron that do not provide a lot of footholds Likewise, gates should have a lock that is more complicated than a latch that is easy to lift. If you want your house to be as secure as possible, you need to always think one step ahead of the potential thief. Look at all sides of the picture (or your house) and every possible opening. The smarter you think about your home security, the safer you and your family can feel at home. If you are interested in a home evaluation of all your locks, contact the experts at Get Locksmith today for more information.