Are Expensive Locks More Secure?

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Looking to upgrade your locks? Is it worth spending the extra money on expensive, smart locks? Our experts have looked into the matter and weigh in. 

If you are concerned about the security of your home, possessions, and family, you must have thought whether it’s a good idea to invest in expensive and high-security locks for your offices and homes. In this article, we have listed some important reasons to help you find the answers to your doubts.

The Importance of Improved Security

safe homeEveryone works to make their homes and offices a safe and secure place for better well-being. Regrettably, even after putting much effort into improving the security of our establishments, we often fail in our endeavors and a burglar stealthily finds a way into our homes.

Aside from the actual theft itself, there is the psychological stress, and fear that is caused by the break-in. You might find it difficult to sleep at night because of the fear of the burglars returning to cause more harm to you and your family.

If you are experiencing this stress and are worried about your home and office security, it is important that you know what types of security systems you should install in your homes and whether smart and expensive locks are worth considering.

Expensive Keyless Locks

Expensive locks undoubtedly have many advantages compared to regular locks. They get rid of the need to use a physical key, which can be easily misplaced, stolen or lost. When a burglar encounters a smart keyless lock, they need to apply more effort to pick it.

They might smash a window or kick in the door in an effort to open the lock and such activities are enough to draw the attention of neighbors, passersby, and homeowners themselves (if they are inside the house at the time of attempted burglary). Thus, in short, a smart keyless lock is undeniably is a great way to discourage potential burglars.

No More Worries about Lock Tampering

Smart locks are highly secure; therefore, they cannot be easily picked and tampered with. Robbers need to be proficient and experienced to unlock these locks. Robbers will only find an easy way to pick the lock and will usually avoid drilling or cutting it when attempting a robbery because these ways are noisy and make their activity obvious to people in and around the house.

Filing Insurance Claims Become Easier with Pricey Locks

If a smart and expensive lock is tampered with, it will display obvious signs of burglary. For example, if burglars have managed to enter your house when you are away, you will be able to notice that someone has tried to pick your lock and this, in turn, will avoid the regrettable episode of entering your home while the thieves are still there. On the contrary, you can immediately get in touch with the police before walking into your house and inform them about the burglars.

It is quite challenging to claim insurance if your house has been robbed because of the lack of proper evidence of forced entry on your regular locks. In most cases, police tend to think that you are trying to file a bogus claim in order to gain money. However, with obvious signs of forced entry on expensive locks, it becomes easier for you to file insurance claims and get the required compensation.

You Don’t Fall Prey to Accidental Lockouts locked out

Most smart, high-security locks come without keys, which drastically reduces the incidences of accidental lockouts that usually happen when you forget to carry your keys and close the door when leaving your home.

An accidental lockout can be an extremely frustrating incidence that happens to many people. If it occurs when your children or any elderly people are inside the house, the stress becomes more profound. In such cases, your only savior is through proficient locksmith services. Though fast and quick locksmith services exist, a smart lock with keyless features will completely eliminate the incidences of accidental lockouts.

Smart Locks Sometimes Beat an Alarm

It has become normal to hear home alarms going off every now and then because of windy weather or pets. These incidences are so frequent that people have actually stopped bothering about these fake alarms and they usually don’t pay any serious attention to them.

If a potential robber is observing your area and home and they notice that you do not pay attention to the alarm, they might take advantage of this situation. Alternatively, a robber attempting to pick a smart and expensive lock will make a louder noise by either smashing a window or kicking in the door. These noises work better to draw the attention of other people surrounding your house or to the police patrolling the area.

Secure Your Well-being with High-Tech Locks

If you are living in an area that is prone to robbers attacking every now and then, or you are worried about your valuables and the lives of your family members, it is imperative that you get your standard locks replaced with high-security locks.

Get in touch with Get-Locksmith and get the assistance that you need. Our staff and team of skilled locksmiths will help you upgrade the security systems of your home and make it more fool-proof for the burglars!