Five Tips to Burglar Proof Your Front Door

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It is important to have the utmost protection for yourself and your family, which is why you should find the best home security products to prevent theft.

Intruders and burglars are common threats to home safety. Generally, most thieves intend to steal belongings from your home, while some burglars may have the purpose of committing heinous crimes to harm you and your loved ones. You can use several techniques to protect your home and loved ones from burglars and break-ins.

The most imperative part of keeping your home protected is preventing burglars and thieves from entering your home. This can be done by burglar-proofing your front door so that they are unable to find ways to unlock your front door.

With technology and the advancement in lock-key systems, you will find several high-tech security systems on the market, as well as timers and cameras used to safeguard homes. In addition, there are several other simpler and effective ways to protect your home from burglars.

How to Burglar Proof Your Front Door

Let’s look at a few common methods to prevent theft and to keep your front door locked and secured.

1. Keep Your Front Door Strong

Even if you have installed numerous deadbolts or safety gadgets in your front door, it can be susceptible to thieves unless it is made of a strong material such as solid wood or wrought iron. Doors made of hardwood are much better than those made of pine. You can gain even better front door protection by installing another metal door. The plain view of a metal iron front door can deter someone from trying to enter your house, and they might move away.

Doors made of hollow-core wood are usually installed inside the home with the intention of enhancing the interior rather than security. Such material should never be used to make a front door as it can be easily broken with a single hard push, in spite of how well it is secured.

2. Enhance the Strength of the Door Frame

The strength of the door frame is equally crucial as the door itself because the frame offers incredible support to the locks on the door. If the door frame is frail, it is easier to kick down the door even if it is well-built.

The fact is that when a strong door is banged on, it transfers energy to the feeble door frame, thus causing damage. Therefore, you must always think about strengthening your front door as well as its frame. This means fortifying your door jams with the use of metal placements and using strong door stops in order to avoid the door from being pulled off its hinges.

3. Use the Most Secure Locks

After you have replaced your front door as well as the door frame with a stronger one, it is necessary that you use the best-secured locks for your front doors. You should use deadbolts, which are the strongest types of locks available on the market today and offers maximum protection to your home.

These locks also come with extra long strike plates in order to offer more protection. If you have installed multiple security systems and locks on your front door, make sure to lock them all with the deadbolts.

4. Mount Extra Safety Devices to Burglar-Proof your Front Door

In order to burglar proof your front door, it is not enough to install a strong door with a door frame and use secure locks. The use of other security devices such as motion-activated lighting and security cameras are necessary as they discourage possible intruders from breaking in.

Thieves are always searching for easy prey so make certain you make use of additional security measures to remain protected always.

Here are a few simple yet effective measures that you can try for better protection!

  • Install a light near your front door. In order to ensure that your security systems and locks are set in the right place, always put a light somewhere near your front door. In general, burglars often take a chance on a home that is poorly lit as it camouflages them while trying to break into your home. Although proper lighting on your front door may not be a foolproof method to deter burglars, it definitely makes them think hard before playing with your security system.
  • Make your strike plate strong. Your door frame comes attached with a long strip of metal, known as the strike plate. After you have closed the door, the strike plate and lock are joined together through the holes on the strike plate, which bolts the door and keeps it secure. Therefore, it is important that you make sure to secure your strike plate. It should not be loose, poorly secure or falling off, otherwise, it will be almost easy for a robber to pull out the strike plate and break the padlock.
  • Install a motion detector. Motion detectors are security devices that recognize intruders with the help of the infrared energy they release. After the motion detector senses this energy, it sends a light beam, which, when it crosses the robber, sets off an alarm and notifies homeowners and neighbors that somebody is trying to break in.
  • Use a premium quality deadbolt. Skilled burglars can even break foolproof deadbolts. This is why it is necessary that you install deadbolts offered by reputed companies. The tougher the lock is to pick, the better your chances of protecting your home from burglars.


5. Always Remain Alert and Vigilant!

When working to keep your house safe from trespassers and robbers, the best thing is to be vigilant and alert. Make sure to lock all the entries at night, as well as when the house is unoccupied. In addition, arm yourself with a self-defensive mechanism to protect yourself and your family.

And, most importantly, always find the best home security products that will give you an edge over criminals! When you use premium security products from reputed sellers, you may rest assured that you are using the best security mechanisms to ensure the well-being of your family.

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