Is there a need for Apple to block its devices when their owners drive?

lock phones while driving

Recently, the technological behemoth Apple have been a target of a couple of lawsuits, both accusing Apple of letting people use their iPhones while driving in rather dangerous places, where extra attention is needed. One of these lawsuits was filed by Julio Ceja, who recently got involved in a car accident, caused by lack of attention of another driver, who was concentrating on her iPhone much more than on the road. As a result - her car crushed the rear part of Ceja's vehicle and Julio suffered from an injury. Contrary to what many would expect, Ceja is not attempting to get any monetary compensation from Apple. His aim is to force Apple to make it impossible for drivers to get distracted by their phones while they drive, by making it impossible for them to type text messages when they should keep their hands on the driving wheel.

Julio Ceja is Not Alone

A similar lawsuit to the one that was filed by Julio Ceja in California, had been filed in Texas just a few weeks earlier. The married couple who filed it, had lost their 5 years old daughter in a tragic car accident, caused by a driver, who was texting while he was driving his vehicle. Another important thing that both of the aforementioned lawsuit cases have in common, is the fact that Apple have the ability to force the iPhone owners to avoid texting, already since 2014. Back then, they have developed a device that can figure out whether the person is sitting in a train or in a car, and automatically use a software that blocks the screen and makes it impossible to type text messages, if the person is driving a car. Obviously, it's harder to figure out whether the person who uses the smartphone while sitting in the car is a driver or a passenger, but chances that even that Apple can overcome even this obstacle seem to be rather high.

It's Not Only About Texting

On top of that, it's obvious that texting is not the only addictive habit that the use of smartphones has created. Such apps as "Pokemon Go" detract the attention of many drivers at least as much, despite the fact that laws that prohibit irresponsible behavior while driving do exist. Apple claim that they are aware of said phenomenon, but does that mean that they are planning to start using software that locks out the iPhones when those who use them need to look straight ahead and concentrate on the road? Only time will tell, but it could surely make the situation on the roads much safer and even safe many lives, that would otherwise be lost, due to car accidents that might have been easily prevented.