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Florida Residential Locksmith Services

Having trouble with the locks in your home? Did you lose your keys and can’t get back in? Our residential locksmith services are what you need. The sooner you call us, the sooner your lock problem will go away!

Our expert residential locksmith services are available to South Florida residents all around Palm Beach, Pompano Beach, Boca Raton, Hollywood, Miami and beyond! just give us a call today and we will be sure to dispatch a locksmith near you!

Local Florida Expert Locksmiths

  • New lock installation
  • Home lockout help
  • Security assessments
  • Lock rekey
  • Front gate lock services
  • Garage lock services
  • Mailbox locks
  • Window lock services
  • Services of sliding door locks

Lock Repairs

Our expert locksmiths stand at your disposal whenever you’re in need of lock repairs. It doesn’t matter what kind of lock is not functioning properly; we are going to be able to fix it! It also doesn’t matter on which doors or windows the lock might be, because we can handle anything.

Some common types of locks we service regularly include:Lock repairs in Weest Palm Beach

  • Mortice locks
  • Knob locks
  • Cam locks
  • Lever Handle Locks
  • Euro-profile cylinders
  • High-security digital locks

Our locksmiths have years of experience in this type of work, meaning that no matter how difficult the problem might seem, they are going to be able to solve it. Apart from having the knowledge necessary to fix any kind of lock issue, they also possess all the necessary tools.

All of this means that they can do their job quickly, which in many situations is of utmost importance. On top of everything, we offer very affordable rates. By using our locksmith services, you will get your locks fixed quickly and within your budget!

New Lock Installation

Although our locksmiths have the tools, the knowledge, and the experience to solve all sorts of problems, sometimes the locks are impossible to repair. The solution in such cases is a new lock installation. This is another service our locksmith team can handle quickly and professionally and at very reasonable rates.

The best thing is that our locksmiths are always glad to help the homeowners ensure the security of their homes. This is why they will be willing to do a site survey and give an honest recommendation on what types and brands of locks would be perfect.

Security Assessments

When it comes to the security of residential properties, our locksmiths are prepared always to go one step further. Apart from doing a site survey in order to decide what kind of locks would best suit the property, they can perform many other checks necessary for improving the security level of a home.

For example, they can run some tests to see how easy (or difficult) locks on doors and windows are to be picked or broken. They can also test the home security systems, surveillance cameras, and other security features.

House Lockout Help

Not being able to get in your house due to a faulty lock or lost keys can be a true nightmare. But, instead of trying to figure out how to wake up from this kind of nightmare, it’s better to call us to deal with it. Our locksmiths are specialists in this type of work, so no matter what kind of locks you have on your doors, we will be able to get you back inside.

The fact that we have locksmith teams in West Palm Beach means that we can come to your place really quickly. Actually, you can expect us to get to your front door in less than half an hour from the moment of getting in touch with us. Furthermore, we work 24/7, meaning that whenever you need us, we are going to be able to come to your aid.

Lock Rekey Service

Home lock re-keyingIf there’s a worry that someone might have the key to your house or apartment, give us a call. Our locksmiths are the right people for this job! They can solve this problem quickly, without making you spend too much money.

Replacing all the locks in your home is not a very affordable solution. That is why our advice is not to replace them, but to re-key them. The lock re-keying is a process of recalibrating the old locks so that they could match new keys.

Some of the common reasons why people decide on this move include:

  • Renting a house/apartment from someone they don’t trust
  • Moving into a new house
  • Suspecting that someone else might have the keys to their home
  • Going through a divorce/breakup
  • Losing keys to the home

Whatever the reason might be, you can be sure we can take care of it! The process is fairly simple and quick, and even more importantly, much more affordable than doing a lock replacement.

Florida Locksmiths for All Types of Locks

What makes our team of locksmiths your best choice in West Palm Beach is that they can handle literally any kind of locksmith work. We’re not talking only about door locks, but any type of lock you might have in your home, including:

  • Window locks
  • Sliding glass door locks
  • Gate locks
  • Garage door locks
  • Safe locks
  • Mailbox locks
  • Closet locks
  • And more!

On top of everything, we also provide locksmith services for digital lock systems. This includes even those that aren’t based on traditional mechanical lock/key systems, but use electronic keypads, biometric scanners, Wi-Fi solutions, or some other methods to allow entry into the home.

Areas of Service in South Florida

Here are some of the zip codes we regularly service:

  • 33160
  • 33161
  • 33167
  • 33168
  • 33181
  • 33401
  • 33403
  • 33411
  • 33405
  • 33412
  • 33427
  • 33004
  • 33020
  • 33022
  • 33431
  • 33487
  • 33429
  • 33434
  • 33486

For anywhere in South Florida, your locksmith solution is nearby. Call us and our residential locksmiths will head right over!

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*We also offer 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Service!

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