Volkswagen Car Locksmith Services

Have you lost your Volkswagen Keys and are looking for a professional locksmith? We at Get Locksmith are the ultimate locksmith specialized in making and repairing Volkswagen keys. Get replacement keys and other auto locksmith Volkswagen services from us. Our Highly trained VW Locksmith, staff mobile ready and equipped with all computerized machinery system Key Blanks and Car Key Remotes.

We can reach you within 30 minutes from placing a service call and make sure you will receive all the guidance and expert advice and practical help you need. 

vw car locksmithAs one of the most popular and successful automobile manufacturers in the world, Volkswagen, also referred to as VW, produces a wide array of high-quality vehicles. Their secret is the mix between the advanced technologies they incorporate into each and every single vehicle they produce, and the affordability and impressively high durability of their end products.

One of the few problems a VW driver is likely to experience with their vehicle is related to the keys and locks. Since the keys usually take on most of the wear-and-tear over the years, they are more prone to look break and require either replacing or fixing. Whether you need help with your VW  key replacement, a broken lock or a jammed ignition switch, we are here to provide you with the expert help you need.

Professional VW Locksmith Services

Some of the most common locksmith services we can currently provide you with cover the entire array of automotive lock and key services for the VW brand:

  • Lost/missing key replacement

  • Broken lock cylinder repairs/replacement

  • Damaged transponder systems

  • Transponder key re-programming

  • Faulty computer issues

  • Car security assessment

  • Roadside lockout assistance

Volkswagen cars feature some of the most robust security systems in the world. Each of these systems features some of the best components that guarantee the highest level of protection against unauthorized access and various other threats. We specialize in the entire array of makes and models and we are ready to assess, identify issues and put the best practical solutions in place.

Broken VW Lock Repair/Replacement

More often than not, a broken lock on a car is handled superficially by most car mechanics and car dealerships. Namely, the main recommendation is to have the lock replaced with a new one, which will only make the total costs go higher and the process lengthier. Since most drivers are unaware of the lock repair alternative and their knowledge in terms of car locks is very limited, they will usually put their trust into whoever is sitting in front of them holding a toolkit and take their word.

Our licensed and authorized lock technicians here at Get-Locksmith know how to thoroughly assess a lock issue and decide what is the most suitable course of action. They can save you precious time and money by telling you which are the options you could look into, and advising you against lock replacement when a simple repair could generate similar results.

VW Car Security Assessment Services

vw car locksmithDespite the numerous cases of car thefts and break-ins over the past few years, most drivers fail to have the security on their car checked with the help of expert locksmith services like ours. By having the car computer and all of its electronic components inspected periodically and checked for faults, and by doing the same with the ignition cylinder, transponder system, key fobs, car trunk locks, and alarm systems, you will significantly decrease the risk of having someone steal your vehicle or break into it. You could also eliminate the risk of accidental lockouts caused by faulty keys or locks or a malfunction in your computer system that could prevent you from locking yourself out or not being able to start the engine.

Car Key Removal From Jammed Ignition

A worn-out car ignition switch that has not been properly cleaned, maintained or fixed on time could lead to your inability to start your car or insert/remove the key from the ignition. Keys that are also worn out, rusty, bent or damaged in some other way will have the tendency to remain stuck inside ignition switches. Any amateur attempt to have such a jammed key removed could lead to the key breaking in half, or some additional damage being caused to the ignition cylinder itself. We strongly suggest you get in touch with the Get-Locksmith team if your key ever gets stuck inside the ignition and let us use our expert set of tools to get you out of your pickle hassle- and damage-free.

Some of the most popular Volkswagen models we work with:

  • Passat
  • Golf
  • Beetle
  • Jetta
  • Tiguan


24/7 Emergency Locksmith Services For VW Cars

As car lock and key emergencies can occur at any given moment in time, no matter where you might be, they usually take you by surprise and they require the immediate attention of a professional lock technician who knows exactly what he is doing. We currently have a response time of 30 minutes or less, and we can replace missing or broken locks on the spot, fix jammed ignition switches or pick any type of lock on the spot. We have unlimited access to the official Volkswagen transponder database and we can provide you with the exact support you need.

We handle alarm system installation and repairs, as well as alarm system re-programming and we run system diagnosis on the spot.

Instead of wasting precious time trying DIY fixes you saw online and risking causing additional damage to your vehicle, let our expert VW locksmith team provide you with the exact assistance you need for a fraction of your car dealership price. Call today and get back on the road in no time!