Panic Push Bar Installation Services

Looking to install panic push bars on your commercial building? Our expert technicians provide excellent installation, upkeep and repair services for push bars.

push bar doorGet Locksmith specializes in installing panic push bars on exit doors in commercial spaces. These door push bars can save you precious time when trying to rapidly exit the building in case of a fire or some other similar type of an emergency. If your space does not have these panic bars installed, or you would like for them to be assessed by a professional locksmith, we are here to assist you with your every need.

Reliable Panic Bar Doors For Your Commercial Space

Panic doors or crash bars are specialized exit devices that enable fast exits in the event of an emergency escape scenario. They ensure the exiting is done in an entirely safe and efficient way, to keep all your staff, employees and visitors safe from harm's way.

Our authorized, licensed and insured technicians can install and fix all types of panic bars compatible with schools, hospitals, public institutions and workplaces with a lot of daily foot traffic.

The need for enhanced security is not the only reason why these door push bars are part of the security system of so many buildings. They are also a legal requirement in most cases, and building managers and business owners must comply with the federal, state or national laws.

Get Locksmith specializes in the following panic bar door services:

  • Crash bar installation & repair on metal doors

  • Single door panic bar installation & repair

  • Double door panic bar installation & repair

  • Glass doors crash bar installation & repair

  • Panic door and security assessment services

What Is A Crash Bar?

Crash bar doors have panic bars installed to allow individuals to quickly get out of a building in case of an emergency that could jeopardize their safety and well-being. Panic bars can be fitted on interior doors in commercial spaces, as well as exterior doors. They enable a door to be unlocked from the interior while keeping it locked from the outside. It is also common for these bars to be used together with a security alarm system that will alert the rest of the people inside the building about the imminent danger.

Some panic bars can be connected to local firefighter services and send real-time alerts to the authorities in case of a fire. Once the door is opened, an automatic alert connected to an alarm will sound. 

Why Are Panic Bars Necessary?panic doors

This excellent hardware used for fire exits is not only an additional security feature managers like to use, but it is also officially required by the National Fire Protection. The requirements concerning the installation of panic bars are different from one type of building to another. They vary according to different factors, but there is one rule of thumb all types of panic doors should follow: all doors that feature locks or pull/push latches need to have a crash bar installed.

Hazardous workspaces are some of the main beneficiaries of panic bar installations. Examples of highly hazardous spaces:

  • Large refrigerator rooms inside restaurants or hotels;

  • Rooms charged with high electricity with equipment that requires at least 600 volts or more than 800 amps;

  • Boiler rooms and furnaces

  • Lecture halls, which hold many people at once

  • Airports, school, hospitals, etc

It is both your legal and moral obligation as a manager, as well as a legal requirement to ensure all safety bar protocols are effectively put into practice.

Panic Bar Installation Services

In order for a panic bar to be properly installed on metal, timber or glass door, a locksmith must abide by a few rules, as follows:

  • The unlocking system of a panic bar must weigh 15 pounds at most;

  • A panic push bar must be at least half the width of the door it will be fitted on;

  • NFPA is allowed to ask you to install a push bar on any door they believe would require one for reasons of potential hazards;

  • Panic bars must be installed in electrical room doors that host gear rated at least 1,200 amps;

  • Deadbolts, chains, and padlocks are forbidden to be installed on doors that have a panic bar fitted;

  • The law may require the use of push bars in areas that are more prone to violent natural phenomenons such as tornadoes or hurricanes.

Panic push bars can be easily fitted by our trained and skilled locksmiths which specialize in commercial services. For more details on the installation process and the type of crash bars you can choose from, get in touch with Get Locksmith and let us provide you with the assistance you need. We charge some of the most affordable and competitive rates for crash panic door bar installation services. We can provide you with assessment services to determine the current state of your panic doors, and provide you with other lock and key security assessments you may need.

Get in touch with our experienced, authorized and insured commercial technicians today and schedule an appointment, or ask for our emergency service right now if you are dealing with any kind of a lock or panic door emergency. Find out how simple, quick and affordable it is to fit a door push bar on any exit door today! Remember to add high-tech locks, master key systems, and exit lighting to beef up security on your building. Our technicians can assist you with all of your commercial building needs. Call today!