Office Surveillance System Services

Are you searching for a surveillance system for your business? Whether you are looking for remote surveillance or for basic alarm services, Get Locksmith can help you out!

surveillance camerasYou can never be too cautious when it comes to the security of your commercial space. An office surveillance system is an excellent deterrent for burglars and staff, and it can also significantly improve the security of any office. If you need assistance with selecting the best system and having it fitted professionally, we are the people for the job.

While having high-end deadbolt locks on the doors is a good first step toward a safe work environment, it will not suffice. In order to properly secure all of your expensive assets that are critical for your business, you will need to consider some additional solutions. Thanks to the rapidly evolving new technologies, you have lots of options to consider. Office surveillance systems are some of the best solutions to consider. Having them installed professionally will not only make your employees feel more confident and safe working for you, but it should also make your clients feel more at ease and more willing to give you their business.

Popular office security solutions we currently provide:

  • Commercial space perimeter security 
  • Office alarm installation and maintenance
  • Internal security systems
  • CCTV camera system installation and repair
  • Digital locks installation
  • Access control systems
  • Remote monitoring camera systems
  • Wireless sensors

No matter which of these solutions you opt for, you will significantly increase security in your office. Some of these systems have better features and are more efficient than others. If you want the very best security system possible, get in touch with us and let us recommend the most viable solutions possible that will match your exact needs and budget.

Office Security System Installationindoor surveillance

In order for any business to be safe, it needs to rely on a variety of security details and technologies that can keep up with the latest threats. With a rapidly evolving security technology that should be accurately reflected in your business, you are going to need all the specialized help you can get.

Get Locksmith has done all the research for you and constantly stays updated with the latest security systems for commercial spaces. Our staff can install, maintain and service the most popular brands of surveillance systems, including CCTV, remote access control and wireless systems, digital locking systems and more.

Office Surveillance Camera System Solutions

Keyless Access Systems

These systems allow you to use fingerprint scanning devices instead of the obsolete and bulky metal locks and keys that get worn out in time and require constant maintenance and repairs. You will not only manage to save serious money on regular repairs, but you will also benefit from a sturdier and more reliable security system to keep your business safe. Our licensed and insured technicians are experts in keyless locks that rely on both biometrics and card access technologies. Get in touch with us and let us turn your office into a well-guarded space that cannot be accessed by people who are not authorized to enter.

CCTV Systems

CCTV is short for Closed-Circuit Television and it is the name of one of the most popular automated security systems you can now find on the market. While the system might not be the newest, it continues to be used by a wide number of people thanks to its high degree of reliability. CCTV cameras are constantly being improved and they can now display HD images, zoom in and playback features.

If you are looking for a way to keep a permanent eye on your office space on a 24/7 basis without having to be there personally, a CCTV surveillance system is just what you need. Get to know everything that is going on in the office and act as soon as you notice something is off.

Our expert locksmiths can handle CCTV installation as well as repairs/maintenance services and they can even help you decide upon the best security system your money can buy.

Alarm Systems

If you have decided to have a good CCTV system installed, you should seriously consider further strengthening security around the office with the help of a quality alarm system. Let us assess your need and advise you upon the most suitable solution in no time.

Popular alarm systems we install and service:

  • Intrusion alarms
  • Alarm integrators
  • Door alarms
  • Sensor alarms

Your security needs and the size of your budget will help you decide upon the best solution in terms of security alarms. You could opt for the classic wired solution or a modern-day wireless alarm with extra convenience in use. Simple door alarms for businesses or alarm integrators incorporating advanced technologies will require different maintenance and repair styles. Alarm systems should be selected following a series of criteria, including the technology and the type of system they rely on, their installation requirements along with ownership and maintenance, documentation, customer support, and the list goes on.

Image Verification Locks

For large commercial buildings with hundreds of employees and sensitive data or equipment, the image verification alternative to access cards and the biometrics technology may work better. While it does come at a costlier price tag, it does deliver high levels of protection.

Alarm Integrators

These systems are able to offer robust alarm systems for business clients and they cover burglar monitoring, fire and carbon monoxide threats and even emergency access control alarms that can be triggered automatically or manually.

Customized access control alarms mix CCTV with intercom system and nonstop monitoring and they can keep any property safe from unauthorized access and the risk of fire and flood.  

The location of your office space, the size of the building and whether it is a shared space with other businesses, the number of employees you have and the presence of a manned security team at the site are all important factors that will determine the type of security system you should choose.

If you are running a smaller business, a DIY surveillance security system might get the job done. If you own a larger business and you are striving to build a solid reputation, you should collaborate with an authorized, licensed and insured locksmith or security companies that can upgrade your system.

Get in touch with Get Locksmith today and we will provide you with guided assistance every step of the process. Call now and let us install the most reliable office surveillance camera system available!