Manual Garage Door Locks

Garages are an essential part of a home and usually end up being the storage place for expensive items such as vehicles, tools, gardening supplies, and much more. Therefore, having a secure garage lock protects your home from invasion and theft. Manual garage door locks provide sufficient security and require much less maintenance than automatic locks. Installing a manual lock in addition to an automatic lock adds an extra element of security for your home as well. There are a few different types of manual locks for garage doors:

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolts provide additional security measures for your garage door. Once locked, it prevents the door from opening even by pulling the emergency cable.  This lock is an optimal choice if you primarily use your garage for storage, or live in an area that is at high-risk for theft.

The T-Handle Lock

This is the most straightforward option and it prevents intruders from entering the garage since the opener is only installed on the outside of the garage. This lock requires a manual key to open the door. The lock works by using cables on the inside of the garage or pulls a bar through the door track to unlock the door.

The Slide Lock

This device prevents the door from opening from the inside or outside without first unlocking the slide lock. The lock is simple, secure, and inexpensive. It works by using  a handle that aligns with the door track of the garage to lock it. It can also be combined with a padlock for extra security protection. Consider upgrading your garage door security by adding any type of manual locks for an added layer of protection from theft.