Professional Keypad Lock Services

Whether you need a reliable locksmith for keypad lock installation in your home or office, our combination door lock experts are here to help! Call now!

keypad installationAre you looking for a reliable locksmith to help you with your keypad lock installation for your home or commercial space? Get Locksmith can simplify things for you. Our combination door locks installation technicians specialize in all types of electronic keypad lock systems and they can recommend the best ones to suit your exact needs. Stop worrying about losing or misplacing your old metal keys and enjoy the convenience of a digital security code that will replace your old locking system. A digital keypad lock is not only more convenient to use, but it can also provide higher levels of security compared to traditional locks and keys.

Digital keypad lock services we offer:

  • Old door lock removal services
  • New keypad lock installation
  • Broken or faulty keypad lock repairs
  • Keypad lock connection to home or office security systems
  • Access code changing
  • Classic combination lock installation

No matter what kind of keypad lock services you may need, we can provide you with fast, affordable and reliable solutions at your doorstep. Make sure to give us a call if you are dealing with any kind of a lockout emergency caused by a faulty keypad system. Our well trained and fully certified mobile crews can reach you within 20 minutes from calling our customer support number and help you quickly get back into your home or office space.

Keypad Lock Installation Services

Given the fact that regular home or business owners cannot handle keypad lock installation on their own, without special tools and the right know-how, this is by far one of our most popular services on request. Only professional locksmiths who have undergone the right training and testing posses the right kind of skills and equipment necessary for keypad lock installation.

This is a job for experts in the field. Our team of authorized, licensed and insured commercial technicians can handle everything for you hassle-free and at fair rates. We specialize in a variety of keypad types and we can install and repair even the most complex of systems.

Traditional Combination Door Lockskeypad door lock

Combination door locks are a mix of mechanical keypad locks and surface deadbolt or mortise locks that are affordable to buy but are not the most reliable option out there. The combination can only be changed with the help of a locksmith, which makes them more expensive in the long run. They also do not come with the option of keeping track of the persons who have entered or exited your home or office space.

Standalone Digital Keypad Locks 

Ideal for entry doors, gated entryways, cabinets, lockers, or garden sheds, these keypad locks use one lock per door. Push button locks are easier to install and more valuable in terms of features and utility. They provide fast and simple access control solutions that are worth looking into. While most of them come with detailed instructions, parts, and templates for DIY installation, it is best to leave the job in the hands of an expert locksmith whose job is to complete these installations every day.

Kitlocks, specialist locks, and guests locks are all part of the standalone digital keypad category. Kitlocks help you eliminate the stress of losing your keys by using a keyless digital lock system featuring four-digit access codes.

Guest locks allow you to use pin codes to operate the locks and they are excellent for the hospitality industry.

Specialist locks Browse are well-suited for glass door locks as well as aluminum doors with narrow stile locks. Electronic door locks feature full-size lever handles and they can play the role of the main lock on a door. They are also available in the glass door version and they can be fitted as new locks or added to mechanical locks.

Integrated Security Solutions

Instead of using a standalone keypad lock system, you can integrate these locks into a more complex security system. The locks will communicate with the alarm that will go off whenever there is a break-in attempt. It is also possible to connect this system to your network of surveillance cameras. This way, you will know exactly who is setting foot in and out of your home or office at all times.

Digital Combination Door Locks Repairs

Installing a keypad lock can significantly lower the risk of accidental lockouts, as there is no key that can be lost or stolen. Nevertheless, there is always the small risk of a keypad lock malfunction that could also lead to an unfortunate lockout incident. Power failures for keypad locks that rely on electrical power and dead batteries on battery-powered keypad locks are a few of the most common issues that could rise with these locks. A fault in the lock mechanism, a broken key on the keypad, an unresponsive keypad or a lock that is randomly locking and unlocking a door are also potential problems that require the help of a locksmith. Having to change the access code on a keypad lock is also a commonly met issue here.  

Digital Keypad Lock Access Code Changing

Depending on the style and brand of a keypad lock system you have opted for, changing its code may not be so easy. If someone manages to find out what your current code is, and could change it without your consent, you may need the help of an expert locksmith.

Additionally, if your keypad lock is tied to your property's alarm system, you are also likely to be asked for the master code of the system. We can assist you in changing any access code on any type of keypad lock hassle-free and for a good price.

Keypad lock installation will give you more peace of mind knowing you can closely control your security system with the help of a code and get instant access to your home or office. Whether you need help with installing, repairing or maintaining such a lock, give us a call. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!