Gate Lock Installation & Repair Services

Looking to install new locks on your gate? Need help with maintaining your home or commercial gate locks? Our insured and experienced locksmiths are at your service. Let us assess all the vulnerabilities and faults in your gate locks and recommend security boosting solutions on the spot.

front gate locksExpert gate lock services we offer:

  • Gate lock key replacements
  • Duplicate gate key cutting
  • Gate lock installation
  • Fence lock installation
  • Gate lock repairs
  • Key extraction from broken or jammed gate locks
  • Digital Gate lock installation
  • Gate lock maintenance
  • Perimeter security

Get in touch with us and let us know exactly what your needs are and we will make sure to send over a mobile expert to assist you. We are available 24/7 for any lock and key emergency, so don't hesitate to call.

Gate Lock Installation Services

Whether you have recently moved into a new property and you would like to replace the old locks with a new set, or you are planning on upgrading the security on your gates, we can get it done fast and easy. Gate locks on fences offer enhanced security for your property while keeping your children and pets safe from dangers and confined to a secure area 24/7.

The goal is to fit a lock in such a way that it is both best and simple to use. There are hundreds of different types of gate lock designs on the market today. Each of them serves a different purpose, with the most popular design continuing to be the sliding gate lock option that can be fitted with a padlock.

Allow us to assess your exact needs and recommend the best types of gate locks for your budget. Our expert locksmiths will carefully assess all of your security features, as well as the neighborhood risks and hazards, the location of your home or office, the age of your property, and any break-in attempts you might have faced recently. All of these factors will help us get the bigger picture. We will know exactly where you are standing protection-wise and help you make the wisest choices possible.

All you will need to worry about is selecting the sturdiest brand and model of a gate lock. We will take care of the rest for you. Our technicians are the most reliable technicians in town. We have accumulated years of experience under our belt and no job is too complicated for us. We specialize in flawless lock installation services that are not only faster but also more affordable compared to competitors. 

Gate lock repair services

We will start by assessing the stability of the post that is used to support the gate, as well as the rest of the posts nearby. We will focus on making sure that the post does not wobble, which would be an indicator of an unstable setting or untreated wood.

More often than not, fixing the wobbling post should also fix the gate problems. Our technicians will carefully assess the matter and use splints and stakes to fix the post. Keep in mind that the post should be in good condition in order for this approach to work. We will also use bolts to secure the stakes together.

If your posts are no longer in good condition, you will need to have them replaced. This will require the disassembling and reassembling part of the fence that is tied to the posts that need to be replaced. Our experts will also assess the quality of the hinges and make sure they are not loose, bent, are too worn out for your gates. Hinges can be simply replaced by using new screws attached to the post or the gate. We may also need to use longer screws for better results.

Another common problem with broken gates is related to the frame. Namely, the frame is no longer square. We can rapidly fix this with the help of heavy-duty turnbuckles.

Gate Key Replacement Services

Get Locksmith also specializes in key replacement and duplicate key making services for gates and fences. Our mobile technicians carry advanced tools, blanks, and software needed to cut any type of key on the spot. Upon installing a new gate lock, we will hand you over a new set of keys as well.

Gate Locks we Recommend

Gate Latches- By far the most popular choice among homeowners thanks to their convenience in use and easy installation. The gate can be locked and unlocked from the inside, with the help of the latch. However, these gates cannot be manipulated from the outside.

Keyed Gate Locks- These locks are installed on gates and you need to use a key to operate them. Keys can get easily lost, stolen, or they may even break inside the lock because of repetitive use. The risk of a lockout is also present whenever there is a key involved.

High-tech Gate Locks- Also known as digital locks, these types of locks can be opened both from the interior and the exterior with the help of keycards, passcodes, or even apps on a smartphone. Malfunction might occur more often given the nature of these locks.

Whether you need a new gate lock installed, gate keys copied, or you need gate lock repair servicing on an old lock, hire our residential pros for fast and affordable help. Call us today!