Looking To Increase Your Garage Security? Do It Manually!

As a homeowner, security is a major concern, including the items you keep in your garage.  The security of a garage door can go beyond simply installing an automatic garage door.  Those are easy enough to lift up on their own. If you store a number of valuables in your garage, or just want to prevent your car from getting stolen, you might want to consider installing an additional manual lock. (Manual locks can also stand on their own, as well.) These are three options for manual garage door locks that provide stability and security to any garage door.  

The T- Handle Lock

The T-Handle lock is the most common option for manual garage door locks. This handle is placed on the external sides of the door and it is operated manually with keys. The lock either releases the cables to allow them to move or it pulls a bar through the track to make the door itself move. People prefer to go for these locks because they keep trespassers from opening the garage door from the outside. It is unintrusive and simple to work with, making it a reliable option.  

Slide lock Source: pinterest.com


The Slide Lock

A slide lock is simple enough to align with the lock track of a garage door, but can be easily combined with a padlock for additional security. You will not be able to open the door,from either inside or outside without first unlocking the padlock.  These locks are simple to operate, affordable in price and easily available.  

Deadbolt Locks

A garage door deadbolt provides more than just a second layer of security.  Once a garage door is closed, the deadbolt prevents it from opening, even by pulling the emergency cable. It is a solid addition for garages that might be used more for storage and less as a regular entrance and exit to your house. It is a bit more extensive Secondary security for your garage door is not something you automatically think about.  But if you are in an area with a high rate of crime, or you have a valuable car, or other property that requires extra security, you might want to think about having an extra lock installed on your garage door. If you would like to know which lock would fit your garage door needs, call the expert technicians at Get Locksmith at :p: so we can help meet all your locksmithing needs!