Computer Locks

Computer Locks

The installation of computer locks in your office can prevent the computer from being stolen or tampered with to remove parts for resale on the market. Because most offices use desktop computers, once these computers are unplugged and stolen, it is very difficult to locate them because there is no WiFi connection anymore.

Two types of desktop computer locks recommended for commercial offices:

Cable locks

This type of lock consists of a solid metal cable that is looped onto the desktop monitor and secured with an anchor point or any structure that is hard to move such as a desk, wall or the floor. These cable locks can also be secured with adhesive anchors, which can strongly attach to any surface.

Lockdown plates

Lockdown plate is a metal plate attached to a solid surface such as a desk, wall or floor and attached to your desktop computer with bolts that can withstand tons of force. In order to remove the plate, you need the correct key. To ensure the security of the many computers in the office, get computer locks installed by a professional commercial locksmith and make it difficult for computer theft to occur. These locks can be easily purchased in bulk and attached to every single computer in an office of any size.