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Commercial Locksmith Services in Orlando

Looking to upgrade the security of your business? Our locksmiths provide commercial services for any business large or small, so give us a call today! We provide exceptional locksmith services all around Orlando, so whether your business or commercial property is located in Conway, Oak Ridge or Winter Park, call now! Our locksmiths have got you covered!

Having high-quality locks installed in your commercial property is a must, which is why you ought to hire real professionals for the job. Our team in Orlando is made of experienced locksmiths who use sophisticated equipment which allows them to quickly install high-security locks.

Of course, locks installation is just one of the many services we provide. Some of the other services include:Commercial locksmith services in Orlando, FL

  • Door lock repairs
  • Window lock installation and repairs
  • Lock inspection
  • Master key system installation
  • Service of electronic lock systems
  • Emergency lockout assistance
  • Around-the-clock service
  • Lock re-keying
  • Key duplication

You can be sure that all of these services are going to be provided in a swift and professional manner, without a need to pay a lot of money. If this sounds good, all that’s left for you to do is call our number!

Master Key System Installation

You’re the boss and you have every right to have the keys to every lock on your business property. But, carrying a bunch of keys with you is far from convenient. Wouldn’t you rather have one key to open all the locks?

If the answer is yes, then you need to call us to install a master key system in your commercial property. This type of system allows you to lock/unlock every door in the building. Your employees will each have a key that opens only the door to their office.

Obviously, a master key system is very convenient for the owner/manager, but it also improves the security of your company. Not to mention that if one of your employees forgets their key and gets locked out, you will be able to get them back in using the master key.

Electronic Lock Office Systems

Master key systems have proved very popular among business owners in Orlando, but lately, many of them opt for advanced versions of these systems. We’re talking about electronic lock systems. Instead of using keys, these systems use cards, codes, or even smartphones to let people in the building.Electronic lock systems

  • Keycard lock systems – How these systems work is that each member of your company gets a personalized card that they can use to get inside the building. The main advantage of this system is that it gives the business owner/manager the details about when each of their employees entered and left the building. Apart from allowing you to keep track of the working hours of your employees, it also helps you in the cases of office theft, industrial espionage, etc.
  • Coded systems – They’re simple and easy to use, plus no one has to carry a key with them in order to get inside the building. You and your employees just need to learn the code that would get you the entry to the building.
  • Smartphone-compatible systems – With the rise of popularity of smartphones, many companies have started using business security systems that are compatible with these devices. Basically, in this case, the smartphone takes the role of the key; you just need to connect it with the system’s Wi-Fi and you’ll unlock the door.
  • Other types of high-tech systems – The list of lock systems used in commercial properties across Florida is very long, but some that we mustn’t forget mentioning include those that feature fingerprint scanners, eye scanners, voice recognition devices, and so on.

Our locksmiths can install all of the aforementioned systems for you, as well as run tests on a regular basis in order to ensure they’re not going to start malfunctioning. Finally, we can even repair them if any problems occur. They’re always there for you, ready to come to your aid in less than 30 minutes!

Orlando Emergency Service

Whatever lock-related emergency you might have in your commercial property, you can be sure that our team is going to be able to handle it. And they’re going to do it ASAP!

Because we’re local, we can come to any part of Orlando in less than half an hour.

All you have to do is give us a call and we’ll come to your place to get the problem fixed on the spot. We’ll bring all the necessary tools with us, in order to solve your lock problem on the spot!

24-Hour Service

If your business is open 9-to-5, you can hire us to come before or after so that we don't disturb your team with our work. We don’t mind staying up late if that’s going to be more comfortable for you. We also work on weekends and handle emergencies over the holidays. So, don’t hesitate to call us whenever a lock-related problem comes your way!

Whenever you are in need of commercial locksmith services for your business property in Orlando, FL, just call us! Our locksmiths can handle tasks like lock installation, repairs, security inspections, and so on.

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*We also offer 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Service!

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