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Locked out of your home? Do you need a new spare key made? Would you like to upgrade the locks on your recently burglarized home? Call Get Locksmith NYC!

Home lockouts are some of the most dreadful situations homeowners could find themselves in. Lost or broken keys that need replacing, jammed front door locks, faulty mailbox locks, there's no telling what type of key and lock issues may arise at any point. With proper maintenance and quality repair/upgrade services provided by our expert residential locksmith service, you could see most of these problems go away. And the good news is we're fast, affordable, authorized and insured, and, most importantly, we have seen it all. There is no lockout story that could scare us, and no complex deadbolt or electronic lock that could defeat us. We work with modern-day lock picking tools and thousands of replacement parts and lock models that help us do our job fast and hassle-free.

Give us a call now and schedule an appointment for a full home lock security inspection or ask for our emergency lockout service if you are locked out of your home. We'll arrive in 20 minutes no matter where in New York City you may live.

Home Locksmith Services We Offer

  • Emergency lockouts

  • Zero damage break-ins

  • Spare keys

  • Master keys

  • New door lock installation

  • Garage door lock installation

  • Lock re-keys and repairs

  • Security system upgrades

  • High-security and deadbolt locks

  • Window lock and bar installation

  • Monitoring camera and home alarm installation

  • Mailbox and safe lock repairs

Get Locksmith understands how critical it is to be able to hire 100% reliable and trustworthy technicians to ultimately ensure the security of your family inside your home. We warmly invite you to contact us and let us run that extra mile for you. We can restore your peace of mind after a break-in incident or during a lockout crisis. We will assess your locks and alarm system and let you know what are your flaws and vulnerabilities, then fix them. All of our home locksmiths have gone through industry-specific licensing procedures, and their skills and abilities are constantly tested and upgraded.

Residential Lockout Services 

Get Locksmith offers convenient 24/7 lockout and broken/missing home key replacement services. We have one of the fastest response times in the city and we can reach your location within 20 minutes from placing a call. While you may be tempted to try to make your own way into your accidentally locked home using improvised lock picking tools, we strongly advise against it. In 99 percent of the cases, homeowners end up causing costly damages to the locks, doors, or ground-floor windows. The cost of hiring a home lockout service is much smaller compared to the cost of buying new hardware.

Our lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Give us a call, let us know exactly what kind of emergency you are dealing with and we will immediately send over the nearest mobile technicians in your area.

Affordable Lock Change Services

After a lockout emergency has been professionally taken care of, our residential locksmiths will recommend you either re-key the lock or consider replacing it for security upgrade reasons. If you do not currently have at least a commercial grade-2 deadbolt lock on your front door, you will most likely be advised to install new locks. Your home will be much better protected against burglars and other property criminals with the help of high-security locks, including electronic or biometric locks. We are prepared to handle any lock replacement request, no matter how complex.

If you have recently bought a new house or apartment, you are also strongly advised to change the locks and prevent any of the old owners or contractors from getting in without your consent.

Lock Re-keying Services

Locks that have been recently picked by a professional locksmith during an accidental lockout need to be re-keyed. Get Locksmith has the right tools and knowledge needed to re-key any type of home door lock, no matter how simple or complex. You will receive a new set of keys and you will also have the possibility to ask for extra spares for the rest of the household members.

Re-keying is possible when the locks have not been damaged beyond repair. It is a more affordable security measure compared to lock replacement and can be done in just a few minutes.

Home Security Upgrades

Give us a call and schedule a home security upgrade appointment with us. We will come over and assess all of your door and window locks, keys, mailbox or safe locks, and alarm systems, and recommend the best solutions within your budget. You can replace all of your old locks with deadbolt locks for enhanced protection against intruders, add small-keyed locks and bars to your windows, and consider fitting sensor alarms and monitoring cameras around the house.

You can also choose a more advanced security solution, including electronic, wireless, or smart locks with biometric access and keypads.

Residential Safe Installation

We can install, repair, and service all type of safe locks. Give us a call if you cannot remember the combination on your safe and we will send over a mobile technician in your area.

24/7 Service, 20-Minute Response Time

Get Locksmith can provide you with timely, 20-minute responses to all home lockout emergencies in New York. We are available 24/7, all year-round, holidays and weekends included.

Give us a call today and let us assist you with any residential locksmith service you need. We're fast, affordable, and reliable, and can help you resume your schedule in no time!

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