Smart Home Automation for Better, Smarter Living

Translated from French by Abha Vardhan (2019)


Home automation or domotics is creating a smart home with the help of the home automation system. Home automation is a smart feature that helps control the entertainment system, lighting, security, and some home appliances.

What exactly does the term domotics mean?

Etymologically speaking, the word domotic is composed of the Latin prefix "Domus" which means house or hearth, and the suffix "ticus" which refers to the notion of technology. Simply put, domotics is the automation or the robotization of a home in order to make it smarter.

The advancement in the field of computer science has made it possible to use the automation system for automating the homes completely. All chores can now be done automatically with the help of a program that has been set on the computer.

Take for instance when you wake up in the morning; the heater is all set to warm your home, the window shades are lifted, and your coffee is prepared automatically as you get ready for work. You may also be provided with information about the last football match you have missed or about the weather condition for the day.

You might consider it a part of a fictional series, but this is now made possible because of the advancement in the home automation system. And what is more interesting is that this technology is now easily available to homeowners at a budget-friendly cost.

Nowadays, most people are living a hectic lifestyle where they hardly have any time left to take care of themselves as a large portion of their day is consumed by other tedious chores. When you have an automation system in your home, you can rest assured that most time-consuming activities are done by the computer such as maintaining the security of your home, switching the lights on or off and taking care of your entertainment.

The Basic Principle of Home Automation

The software of the home automation is installed into a computer, and the sensors are positioned in several places in the home as per the suitability of the homeowners. The software in the computer remains connected with the sensors or the devices that you want automated, such as security appliances, lighting systems, and entertainment systems.

Since it is not easy to set up, professionals install the home automation system and position the sensors in the desired place as per the convenience of the homeowners.

What Is A Smart Home Automation System?

A smart home is remotely controlled via a wired or wireless switches, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The main goal of the connected home is to make the everyday life of the occupants easier. Home automation offers them a serene environment all day and night.

A home with an automation system allows homeowners to switch the lights on or off, open or close a door remotely, trigger or turn off any device from their desk even if they are not at home; thus, comfort and security are enhanced through home automation.

A smart home is considered a biological house because it is alive and an extension of its occupants. All components of a house can be linked to a home automation system, the most important of which are:

  • Lighting: The home automation system makes your life happier and simpler. The automation system will be working in your house and you won’t be even aware of it. The installation of smart switches will allow you to control lighting remotely and you will be able to create a special atmosphere at home.
    • You can light pathways in your home after work by just pressing a single button on the home automation device. The automation system is smart and will adjust the brightness that is necessary for the room, thus saving the life of bulbs and energy bills.
    • When you retire at night, you can switch off unnecessary lights with a simple push of a button. It will also close the curtains and switch off the television so that you can enjoy peaceful sleep, knowing that you and your family are safe and secure in your smart abode.
  • Security System: Nowadays, the security alarm system is quite complicated than it was before the need for enhanced security. The alarm system can now be directly linked to a home automation system. The doors can be operated by a remotely controllable system. The same is true for smoke, intrusion and motion detectors.

In general, the alarm system will automatically take necessary action when triggered and send a warning call to the homeowner’s mobile. However, when linked with the automation system, the alarm system creates a series of important events to protect your home from burglary and intruders. It will turn on the lights and make sure all the windows and doors are locked.

It changes the camera to recording mode to capture activity. The outside lights start to flash in order to warn the neighbors of a probable burglary. With the installation of such a secure system in your house, you keep your family and possessions safe.

  • Entertainment: The home automation system is not only about making your life convenient and secure as it also takes care of your entertainment. You can make use of the same gadget that turns on your lights to turn on your music system and television.

You can wake up to your favorite song and enjoy the musical vibes. When you come back to your home from work and press your garage door button, you can set your home automation system to turn your television on to your favorite channel or turn on the music you like.

If you are expecting friends at your home, you can switch on the ambient lighting, light the fire and play some cool music just with the push of a button.

What Benefits Can You Get From A Smart Home?

The home automation system looks after all the crucial elements in your life so that you can enjoy a convenient and happy life. Here are the benefits you can enjoy from your home automation system.

  • Energy Saving: The first benefit that can be gained from a smart home is the optimization of energy saving. Since all consumptions are regulated, losses are almost non-existent. This positively affects the energy bill, which is drastically reduced. Also, this regulation of energy consumption is a great way to conserve the planet.
  • Protection against Burglaries: The advanced automation system comes equipped with security gadgets and infrared sensors to improve the overall security of your home. These are either available as passcodes to lock or unlock your doors and windows, or more advanced ones that use your fingertips to operate. The best thing about the home automation system is that it comes with backup power so it can work seamlessly each time you use it.

The smart home does not need to be monitored constantly because of the sensors that are installed. At the slightest attempt of intrusion, the owners are warned in real-time. A home automation system has the advantage of offering perfect protection against burglaries.

  • Time-Saving: Living in a smart home will allow users to focus on the essentials. Since they do not have to worry about opening flaps, doors, heating, maintenance, and many other tasks, they will have much more time to spend with their families.

Should You Invest in a Home Automation System?

Whenever there is a decision to get a new system installed in homes, the first question that most homeowners consider is the overall cost, but is it really worth it to put a price tag on your personal security?

When it comes to taking care of your family and your valuables, you must prioritize your safety. A home automation system can offer an all-around security solution that includes the management of gates, doors, windows, locks, motion sensors, lighting, alarm systems, emergency notifications, and more. The home automation system can be installed both in residential and commercial buildings.

Yes, the innovations brought by home automation have a cost, but in comparison with the tariff practiced ten years ago, it is becoming even more affordable. It is hoped that as technology grows, the installation will be more affordable.

Make A Smart Decision! Get A Smart Home!

Home automation is advanced technology that makes sure that it offers you convenience, comfort, and security of the highest level. The technology which was once considered fiction is now becoming very popular and easily available to the common person.

If you are looking forward to automating your home and devices, it is suggested that you first recognize the areas of your home that need automation and the price you wish to allocate to your home automation. Make a suitable choice of the home automation system that will suit your requirements.