What Are The Different Tools Of A Locksmith?

Translated by Alexandra Igna (2019)


Any professional, skilled and competent locksmith needs the best locksmith tools and accessories in his toolbox in order to be on top of his game every time he goes out on a call. All locksmiths must have a high level of preparation and expertise in order to accurately handle all levels of work complexity on a location. A locksmith must be ready to deal with the simplest, most complex or out-of-the-ordinary scenarios involving severe weather conditions, advanced lock issues, missing keys or faulty master lock systems and many more.

What Does A Locksmith Need To Work?

A good locksmith craftsman working in the field of locksmithing must first and foremost have good operational instruments that are powerful enough to complete any job. This can be anything from the tools needed to repair a faulty lock problem to the equipment needed to determine the actual origin of the lock's fault. Locksmiths also need the necessary tools to complete lock replacements when needed.

Professional locksmiths can only reach their clients and complete their job if they are in the possession of their bag containing their essential tools. If this bag or box is missing during a home intervention, the client is entitled to doubt the seriousness of the respective craftsman.

This bag should be big enough to carry all the necessary tools he might need that day and be sturdy enough so it doesn't break or tear in extreme weather situations.

Locksmiths are also required to show you, the client, their tools and explain to you why they need one tool or the other to answer your request for repair. Apart from their usual equipment, locksmiths also use particular tools that can help them decode any security devices you might be having trouble with. Thanks to this decoding specific tool, locksmiths can decide whether they should use an industrial optical instrument, an optical probe or even an optical fiber that is also known as a picking otoscope.

What Are The Names Of Different Tools Of A Locksmith?

Locksmiths rely on a large number of tools, given the wide range of services they offer. Among these tools we can mention a few of the most commonly used, as follows:

  • Tension keys

  • Level levers

  • Hex keys

  • Torx screwdrivers

  • Digital calipers

  • Roll crackers

  • Grinders

  • and others

There are also other locksmith accessories that must be carried alongside these tools, in order to improve the quality of the services locksmiths provide on a regular, daily basis. These accessories include, but are not limited to, duct tape, pencil, calculator, flashlight, seamers, hacksaw, and electrical tape.

There are many other kinds of locksmithing instruments, which vary according to the job a locksmith is called to do. For example, when a lock technician must intervene on the opening system of a door's lock, they need to use the following tools or something similar:

  • A spinner that allows the worker to lift, offset or twirl what is known as the lock card

  • Essential cylinder key extractors when the key has broken in the keyhole

  • Computerized devices when the locksmith has to work on complicated locks

The main reason why a professional locksmith would need this array of tools is the unpredictability of individual distress calls. In addition, the person who dials a locksmith's number may not be aware of the lock they have on their home, vehicle or commercial space. Plus, they might not be aware of the actual nature of the problem which will require the locksmith to pack the entire array of tools they might need to use. As a result, an expert locksmith should be prepared to deal with any event and scenario.

The Maintenance Of Locksmith Tools

Locksmith tools must be well preserved and checked at all times to ensure they are in perfect working conditions. Replacement tools must also be properly stored so they can be replaced whenever one of the tools in the box is broken or faulty.

To avoid damaging your locks and to ensure your safety is never compromised, call a locksmith who uses the entire array of locksmith tools and make sure they have the right expertise needed to provide you with the requested services.