Things a Burglar Will Never Tell You

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A burglary can sometimes be a completely random event. However, when planned by burglars, it can be quite destructive. Thieves are always a few steps ahead of you as they keep a strict watch on your house and you will never know what you are being watched. They observe it, understand your living patterns, your habits and make certain that they enter your house when you are not around.

Read below a list of eye-openers from a burglar’s perspective that might help you save your house from being robbed.

  • Your house remains unoccupied during the day: It is normal to presume that burglaries take place during the evening. You must have also seen on TV and in movies that robbers enter the home when everyone is asleep in their beds. However, burglars in real life don’t usually keep to regular times. Entering the house when people are inside increases their chances of being noticed and possibly caught. Therefore, they prefer breaking into the house during broad daylight, when everyone is out at work. A serious robber might watch your house for a few days to check your schedule and figure out when you are not home.
  • back doorThe windows or doors of your house are unlocked. The most obvious thing to remember is to lock your doors to keep their belongings safe; however, there are cases in which people skip this necessary step. This is especially true in cases of college students who can be reckless with their locks. Some people secure their front door but don’t pay attention to the back door and fences of the house that might offer a gateway for a sneaky robber. Even though locked doors don’t guarantee your safety as burglars are trained to pick locks, it helps discourage any thief looking for easy prey. It is also important to lock your windows, especially when they are easily accessible from the ground.
  • Your newspapers and mail pile up when you are on vacation. When going for a vacation, most people forget to ask their neighbors to take care of their mail and newspapers. Finding a pile of overflowing mail and newspapers on the lawn is a direct sign to burglars that the house is vacant.
  • Your backyard is easily accessible. In general, burglars look for the simplest way to enter your home. Most thieves check the back windows because there is less probability of someone noticing them entering the house. If your backyard is not covered, it will be easier for robbers to gain access through the back of your house.
  • Your window has an installed air conditioning unit. Flats and houses without central air conditioners usually have them installed in their windows. While they are inexpensive and keep your home cool, they can also be a way for robbers to enter your home. They simply kick in the air conditioner and climb into the house.
  • You have a burglar living in your neighborhood. It might sound surprising, but most houses are not robbed by strangers. The latest survey concluded that more than 50% of robberies are committed by someone who knows the victim. It might not be possible to identify these people, so it is best to install alarm systems and cameras to deter them.
  • You publicize your holiday on your social media pages. This era is highly influenced by social media; therefore, they are the best platforms for various reasons including trade. However, people sometimes forget that whatever they post on their social media is not only visible to their friends but others as well. The thief could even be someone from their contact lists!

Home Theft Tips

This is a comprehensive list that you should check before leaving your home vacant or when preparing to burglar-proof your house.

  • Check your house from a distance and make sure that none of your valuables are easily noticed from the street. Don’t give burglars a reason to show up. This is the best tip for car theft prevention.
  • Before going on vacation make sure to lock all doors and windows, including the door of the garage to prevent a car thief from taking your car. Install premium quality deadbolt locks on your front door which comes with a strong strike plate. Make certain your security devices are in check when you are away.
  • Make sure that your home doesn’t slip into darkness when you are away. Always make it look a bit dynamic by using timers, televisions, and radios. However, don’t overdo it and make it look too obvious.
  • You must also use some sort of lighting on the patio or porch to keep your surroundings well-lit. Consider installing motion-sensors in dark areas along the front and back of the house to keep aware of any intruders.
  • Inform your newspaper vendor to suspend your newspaper delivery when you are away and ask a trusted neighbor to collect your mail. Most importantly, don’t broadcast a message on your answering machine that you are on vacation.
  • Don’t place any possible hiding places such as large bushes near your entrance and walkway. Have them trimmed regularly and consider placing a few cacti or similar plants under windows to deter thieves from entering your home through windows.
  • Consider investing in a safe in which to keep jewelry and important papers. They are your most precious possessions and should, therefore, remain well-guarded.

Stay Vigilant, Stay Secure, Stay Safe!

You can minimize the chances of your home being watched by thieves by taking appropriate steps. The more aware you are about your home's safety, the better your chances of deterring robbers!

Surveys have indicated that it only takes a robber a few minutes to enter a home. However, if you become more vigilant and alert by installing the necessary safety devices and practicing simple safety tips, you can minimize your risk to a great extent!

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