Pool Security Locks For Your Safety

Pool Security Locks

We all love summer for a number of reasons. Sitting in the sun has been proven to have numerous health benefits, ranging from enhanced production of vitamin D, which is vital for reducing inflammation, to lowering high blood pressure levels, improving the functions in our brain and helping our muscles grow. The feel-good mood we all experience when relaxing by the pool, catching a tan, sipping cool lemonade and swimming are all part of a vacation regime we all look forward to each year. The blistering heat that the warm season usually comes with keeps most people in close proximity to a public or private pool. Keeping an eye on your children can be more difficult, as they are tempted to run around with their water guns, make spectacular catapults in the pool and basically have fun and cool down however they can.

Unfortunately, it only takes a split second for an adult to lose sight of their toddlers, which could lead to a real tragedy. The majority of accidents that involve children happen when toddlers are left alone or they are not properly supervised by a responsible adult. Homes with pools need to be protected with the help of additional security measures. Gated pools with sturdy locks and surveillance cameras are just a few of the most efficient solutions. Here are a few of the highest recommended pool security measures for homeowners during the summer.

Invest In A Quality Pool Fence

  • While you might be careful about the design and style of the fence you plan on erecting around your pool area, its protective qualities should interest you more. Pool fences are meant to secure the area and prevent children and pets from getting in without your consent, thus preventing unfortunate accidents.

  • Consider opting for a wall that is high enough to keep children away from the pool and make their climbing as difficult as possible. Choose a self-locking pool gate so you can prevent accidental drowning tragedies.

  • There should be no extra spaces or loose boards that children could use to sneak in while you are not looking. Inspect your gate periodically and figure out if there are any additional protection measures you should be taking.

  • Even if you already have a fence in your backyard, it should not stop you from building a fence around your pool. The more security layers, the better.

  • Buy a sturdy gate that cannot be kicked through or shaken open. Consider using chains for enhanced protection.

  • Focus on finding a gate that is at least four feet tall. A curious toddler should not be able to climb the fence and wander off into the pool area.

Beef Up Security On Your Pool Fence

pool security Have the locks on your pool gate inspected periodically to make sure a recent storm or powerful wind did not damage the locks without your knowledge. Hire expert locksmith services for residential needs and let the pros tell you the state of your current locks and the recommended course of action. For example, they may recommend you to replace a weak pool lock with a padlock.

Keep in mind any fence will be rendered useless unless it is well-maintained and sturdy enough to keep children away. Plus, leaving it unlocked will also defy its purpose. Invest in magnetic or automatic locks for your pool gate so you can never forget to lock the gate behind you again. These locks will close off this entryway for you when your mind is wandering somewhere else.

You could also consider installing a metallic gate featuring metal bars running along. The bars need to be set one next to the other in such a way that they can effectively prevent your kids or pets from sneaking in. Meshed gates are also good for similar purposes.

Pool gate latches can also successfully meet your security needs in the area around your swimming pool at home. Keyless Gate latches can significantly simplify your entrance in the pool area while keeping a high level of security for your kids. If you need more information on this type of lock, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

The Locinox Security Knob requires added effort in order to unlock the gate and it makes for an excellent line of defense against curious toddlers who are too weak or skinny to open it.

The Lockey Double-Sided Push Button Lock requires fastening on both sides; it is a weatherproof lock that enables keyless entry to the pool area and can add a sturdy layer of extra protection.

The Keyless Lever Deadbolt Lock is simple to use and sturdy. It needs to be installed together with a keypad on both sides of the gate, so professional locksmithing help os required.

Keep in mind that the slightest vulnerability on a pool gate lock could cause an unfortunate event. Immediately have it fixed and never underestimate your toddlers' ability to unlock a door.

Add Alarms For Enhanced Security Around The Pool

Install a safety alarm that will go off whenever someone might be trying to open the gate around the pool. The alarm should allow you to quickly reach the pool and prevent one of your children from falling into the water, with the risk of drowning.

A complex alarm system could also send out real-time notifications letting you know about the security breach straight on your phone. Just keep in mind that no matter how complex or expensive your alarm system might be, it should never be used to replace a sturdy lock or latch on the fence, or the fence on its own.

You could also opt for a wristband alarm you can place on your kids' writs in order to let it tell you if your small one has touched any water. While this alternative might not be a realistic solution on your day to day life, they are a good idea in those particular situations with a lot of people sitting around a pool, when the thing could easily get out of hand. There are also special wristbands that will let others know that your child does not know how to swim.

Teach your children how to swim and use pool covers that fold completely to avoid dramatic occurrences from happening. Get in touch with us and let us help you choose the most suitable locks, latches or padlocks for your pool gate. We can help you install, fix and maintain these locks in top shape.