New Location Update and Car Safety Reminder

We are happy to announce that we are opening a new location in Richmond this month! Because of the hot weather we are experiencing these days, we would like to remind our customers about kids and car safety.   Try to remember the phrase: “LOOK BEFORE YOU LOCK”   A car, which is a popular form of transport that many families use on a regular basis to safely transport children can also harm them as well in certain situations.  The most common harmful situation, which can happen to anyone, is leaving the child inside of a locked car by accident.  According to, which is a very informative website regarding children and any form of car safety, children are very susceptible to heat stroke due to cars heating up very quickly in the sun.  Children can be very easily forgotten especially if they fell asleep in the back seat or if a parent has a new routine.  According to memory specialists, it is very possible that a parent can make this mistake, due to fatigue, which causes their mind to work on “auto-pilot” and forget the child.   Just some facts to consider: Within 10 minutes of leaving a vehicle, it can reach 80% of its temperature increase.  This makes it even more necessary to resolve the issue quickly and as soon as you notice that your child is left in the car.  Children can also overheat 3-5 times faster than an adult.   If you see a child locked inside of a car or mistakenly locked a child inside of a car, make sure you call 911 immediately as this can become a very dangerous and possibly lethal situation.  Also, call Get Locksmith and we will also try to have a technician on-site as soon as we possibly can.   Remember to “Look Before You Lock” and for more information about children and car safety, please check out and remember Get Locksmith is there for you nationwide adding new locations each month!