Being locked out isn't fun. Here's how to avoid it.

never get locked out

Do you want to avoid the frustration and embarrassment of getting locked out of your own house? Are your keys so close, but just on the other side of the door? Don’t let this happen to you! Take these preventative measures and make sure you are never locked out of your house again!


Create A Mantra

An audio cue that you regularly hear is a good way to keep important information in your head. Like a radio jingle, something short and catchy is enough to help you remember what you need. If you get in the habit of repeating, “keys, wallet, phone” to yourself when you are getting ready to leave the house can be a persistent reminder to make sure you never walk out the door without the necessities.


Keep Your Keys Near The Front Door

If you have a little bowl you can keep by the door (or multiple bowls for multiple doors), another great trick is to put keys in your line of sight for when you are leaving. Keeping your keys in one place also sets you up for success because that force of habit will prevent you from searching furiously for your keys before you even leave the house.  

Give Your Neighbor A Key

Your neighbor doesn’t have to be your best friend, but they can be the person who gets you out of a jam. Simply asking a neighbor to hold onto a spare key can allow you to relax and know you have a backup plan in place if the situation arises. Just remember your neighbor may not always be home, and it is always good to have an extra contingency plan.  

Hide A Spare Key

If you don’t feel that you can trust your neighbor, or just want an extra layer of security, hide a second key somewhere easy to remember, either in your car or on your property. The hiding location should be easy to remember but hidden enough that someone walking by would not be able to spot it. Instead of fake rock, try a small container usually used for geocaching, like a fake sprinkler head.  

Have The Number Of A Locksmith In Your Phone

You can take all the precautions in the world but still end up locked out. Things happen, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Since people are very likely to keep their phone with them even if they forgot their keys, reduce the hassle and panic that go along with this scenario and put a locksmith’s phone number into your list of contacts. The internet may be available on your smartphone, but you can save time and stress by already having a number ready to go. At Get Locksmith, we know you want to get back into your house quickly and easily. For more information about our emergency lockout services, check out the Get Locksmith website here.