Tips for Keeping Your Motorcycle Safe and Secure

motorcycle security

Looking to enhance the security of your motorcycle? Here are several tips that can help you. Just make sure that you use the right security systems!

The incidences of motorcycle theft are on the rise in the United States. Although there is no assurance whether your bike will be stolen or not, it is crucial that you practice effective tips in order to keep your motorcycle safe and protected from robbers. Keep on reading to learn ways in which you can keep your motorcycle theft-free. 

It is undeniably much easier for robbers to steal motorcycles compared to other heavy vehicles such as cars or vans. Motorcycles are portable and they are quicker to get away with. Motorcycle theft can take place in any area of a city, whether it is on the streets or in your driveway.

Here are our top effective tips on how to avoid the theft of a your motorcycle

  • Fasten Your Bike to a Heavy Object

This is one of the most obvious suggestions, especially if you have been driving a motorcycle for some time. Always remember to lock your bike firmly to something that cannot be knocked over or moved from one position to another.

  • Avoid Customizing Your Motorcycle

Bikers often customize their motorbikes in order to make them look more special and unique. They decorate their motorcycles with updated devices and gadgets in order to create their own individual style.

Well, if you want to protect your bike from getting stolen, try your best to make your motorcycle less noticeable and less attractive to potential robbers. When you overdo the customization of your bike, you are making it more prone to theft.

  • Cover Your Bike with a Robust Motorbike Cover

One of the best ways to make your motorcycle less noticeable is covering it with a durable cover. This will not only conceal your bike but will also deter potential thieves.

  • Choose a Crowded Place When Parking Your Motorcycle

You must always find a crowded place in which you can park your motorbike with similar vehicles. This will discourage a potential thief from laying their hands on your motorcycle. When a lot of vehicles are parked together, it becomes challenging for burglars to get away with any vehicle. 

  • Keep the Keys of Your Motorcycle on You at All Times

Even if you just need to park your motorbike for a short while to get something from a store, don’t leave the keys in the ignition. Always make sure that you carry your keys with you even if you are going away for only a few minutes. Your negligence can prove to be a good opportunity for thieves to get away with your motorbike.

Tips on Increasing the Security of your Motorcyclemotorcycle locks

In addition to following the above-mentioned tips to keep your motorcycle secure, it is crucial that you also utilize ways in which you can tighten its security. Here’s what you can do:

Install Security Cameras at Home

Installing smart security cameras at your home is an effective way to keep a watch on your motorbike even when you are nowhere around it. Whenever there is any kind of movement around your motorcycle, you will be notified instantly.

Install a Motorcycle Anti-Theft Alarm

People generally draw their attention to loud noises. An anti-theft alarm is a mechanism on which the alarm system works. You can consider installing a motorbike anti-theft alarm system to secure your motorbike even more!

If you need to make it more personal, you can have a specifically created alarm sound that is different from the sound of all other alarms in the neighborhood. Whichever sound you select for your motorcycle alarm system, just be certain that your alarm is loud, easily recognizable and attracts a lot of attention.

Keep Your Ignition Locked

Most bikers don’t know that they should turn their motorcycle off by locking the ignition. When you lock the ignition, you are deterring thieves from using a key or screwdriver to jimmy the ignition. This easy technique could help you save a lot of energy and effort.

Attach Disc and Fork Locks

Disc and fork locks are an effective way in which you can secure your motorcycle as it works by securing the steering or front wheel. A fork lock stops your bike from moving anywhere even when the intruders have the keys of your vehicle. With a fork lock in place, other features such as the lights will still operate; however, it doesn’t allow the robbers to drive away with your motorcycle. Just like the fork lock, the disc lock secures the brakes in place and prevents the motorbike from being moved from one place to another even when someone has the key.

Set Up an Engine Kill Switch

The ignition of your bike and the engine kill switch works together. After it is opened, the kill switch makes it difficult for the intruder to start the bike and prevents it from moving anywhere. Many bikers select the combination of a kill switch and a disc lock to ensure the safety of their motorcycle!

Have the Assistance of Reputed Locksmith Services Nearby!

With the increase in the incidences of motorbike theft in the United States, it has become imperative that you practice ways in which you can keep your bike safe from thieves. In addition to this, it is crucial that you install the necessary alarm systems that will deter any potential burglars from getting away with your bike.

If you need any advice on how to secure your motorcycle, get in touch with our get-locksmith motorcycle service that is available to answer your concerns and will recommend you all the right security systems regarding the safety of your motorcycle. Our expert staff is licensed, and ready to assist you in everything you need to know about the security of your motorcycle.