Tips to Prevent Losing Your Car Keys

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If you're someone who regularly misplaces your car keys, you will definitely be happy to learn some effective tips to prevent this from happening. 

It can get rather annoying to lose your car keys and most of the time, this occurs when you are in a hurry to be somewhere or you are looking forward to a special event. Unlike your smartphones, you can’t just give it a call and find its location! When your car keys are lost there is usually only one option, which is to start searching for them everywhere.

So, what should you do to avoid the incidence from occurring in the first place? If you are a habitual offender and make this mistake every now and then, go through these tips and find a better way, so that you can avoid losing your keys in the future.

Add a Key Ring to Your Keylost car keys

Many people spend a large amount of time looking for their car keys before going out for work or to run errands. If you are one of these people, you should purchase a heavy keychain and add it to your car keys!

The main idea is to make your keys visible so that you can find them easily. You should buy a bright keychain because attractive key rings are easier to find compared to dull-colored ones. You will be grateful for your heavy and colorful keychain when you spot it out under the table if you’ve misplaced it!

You can also consider adding your key to something that you always carry with you.

Allocate a Dedicated Place for Your Car Keys

Many people don’t have a designated location in which they place specific things in their house. Because of this, their house looks cluttered and unorganized and people tend to regularly lose their belongings such as wallets and keys.

People who are in a hurry and are often careless have a messy work area and house. They don’t dedicate a special place in which to store their items such as keys and files and therefore, they spend their time searching for their belongings.

When you arrange your important things systematically and allocate a place to store your keys, smartphones, wallets, and other items, you will quickly spot them without wasting your time. It is necessary that you tell the other members of your household about the changes you have made in order to make it easier for everyone to adapt.

Try a Key Finder

In order to make life easier for people who lose their car keys every now and then, many companies have introduced efficient key finders with remote controls. You just need to fix your keys with the key finder and make sure that they have batteries! In incidences when you lose your keys, you can push the button on the remote of the key finder and listen for the beep in order to track your keys.

You need to be prepared for emergency situations as well in case the remote control of your car keys fails to respond. In these cases, you may need the assistance of skilled locksmith services that are efficient enough to tackle every lockout situation, whether it is your house, office or car.

Get a Spare Key Setspare car keys

If you frequently lose your car keys, you should also consider keeping a spare set of keys hidden somewhere in your house or at your office. Keep it in a secure place, as long as it’s one you can easily remember when you need the keys. You can keep them in a box or leave them with a family member. Having an extra set of keys and making them reachable will keep you from the humiliation of always losing your car keys.

Make Your Keys Glow

It’s always useful to be able to spot your car keys in the dark as well. You can use any bright color to make sure that your keys look noticeable even when you are not looking at them directly. You can consider attaching accessories that glow in the dark to your keychain in order to find them easily at night as well.

Use Memos and Reminders

You can utilize the reminder feature on your smartphone to keep track of the location in which you have placed your car keys. You can make use of the reminder tool on your phone to tell you exactly where you left your keys the last time you used them.

Be Vigilant

Take the necessary precautions to avoid losing your keys in the first place. You can select a special location where you can put your car keys inside the house. Most people often place their car keys in the front entrance for easy reach. Just make sure that you place your keys hidden from intruding eyes who might see them through your window.

Have an Effective Backup Plan

Sometimes even while practicing all the right ways to safeguard your keys, you might still lose them. When this happens, don’t panic, find an effective plan to smooth the procedure. Get in touch with a professional locksmith who can offer impeccable services at the best price.

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