Lock Picking 101

Lock Picking 101

Do you want to learn efficient tips to picking the lock of your home without the need of calling a locksmith when you get stuck in an emergency lockout situation? If so, go through this article as it includes the basic guidelines to get started.

Understanding Lock Picking

Surveys have found that lock picking is a common service hired by home or car owners around the world. Most people get stuck in a lockout and look for a professional locksmith to help them with this situation.

Lock picking is an easy process and requires the use of suitable equipment that is shoved into the keyway and meticulously worked on to unlock the door. The art of lock picking can be used in several situations such as unlocking of garage doors, bikes, homes, and cars.

There are several reasons to learn lock picking. Perhaps, some want to use the technique to work on their homes and vehicles in case a lockout occurs. Others might want to begin their career in this field. It is worth noting that people who learn lock picking must not use it for illegal activities.

If you are interested in learning tips on lock picking, it is suggested that you go through the rest of the article to learn more about it.

The Right Tools for Lock Picking

Lock Picking 101You might get confused in finding the right set of tools because there are several tools available on the market today. If you have just begun to learn lock picking, you must not panic about learning to use all kinds of complicated lock picking tools.

Beginners must start by understanding the working of basic lock picking tools and then gradually move on to the other complex ones. Below is a list of the basic tools for lock picking:

  • Bump keys
  • Torsion wrenches
  • Pick Guns
  • Rake picks
  • Half-diamond picks
  • Decoder picks
  • Ball picks
  • Jugglers

These lock picking tools are easily available in your local stores. They are generally made from a sturdy material such as titanium and can work on basic lock picking procedures. We often suggest that amateur lock pickers get themselves a simple pocket-size lock picking set. They are small and handy, but extremely durable because of the material used to make them.

Basic Lock Picking Techniques

Lock picking is a great art and one can only master it after a lot of practice. One must try many processes and learn where to add the needed pressure to pick the lock. It is also important to understand which lock picking tool would be best for the type of lock you are working on.

Your aim during the lock picking procedure is to lift the pins while you are using pressure with your tool. You need to ensure that all the driver pins have completely cleared the sheer line.

Let’s go through the basic guidelines of lock picking:

  • Use a tension wrench and put it at the bottom of the keyhole. As you move the key, make sure to add some pressure in the same direction. The main purpose is to apply pressure on the plug so that when you remove the tool, you can get the driving pin catching the edge of the plug.  
  • As you slide the rake back, you need to put the lock pick on top of the lock.
  • As you slide the pick in the forwards and backward direction, you need to turn the wrench to some extent.
  • It is essential to repeat this process with both your hands and ensure that all pins are set.
  • Don’t be in a hurry as a rushed job will only lead to frustration. Keep in mind that you need to be patient when using lock picking techniques. Always use your hands gently yet firmly when working on any lock.
  • You can practice and familiarize yourself with the lock picking process. It is best to get your hands on old locks and understand the procedure. Remain relaxed and calm while you are practicing. When you are focused, you will be able to pick the lock easily.

What You Should Know About Legal Matters

There is no reason to worry if you don’t plan to use your lock picking a skill for illegal activities such as assessing the places to which you have no access. In several states in the US, it is not necessary for locksmiths to have a license to practice their skills so you can easily practice it. However, there are a few states in which people need to acquire a valid certification and license for practicing locksmithing services.

It is worth noting that having a set of lock picking tools in such states is considered deliberate intention to pick locks of other properties. Using lock picking tools is completely legal in several states, excluding a few, unless you are doing it for deliberate illegal activities.

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