How To Handle Frosted Lock Issues

Frosted Lock

Even though most people love residing in snowy states, there are several inconveniences they have to endure including ice-packed streets, very low temperatures, and poor driving weather. It is not only the home-owners that face such tough situations but car owners as well.

One of the most frustrating issues that most car owners face is a frosted lock at home or a frosted car door lock. Nobody likes the idea of sitting in chilly weather in the early morning and frantically working on their car to get it started so that they can reach their destination on time.

In this article, we have included the best and most reliable tips to fix a frosted lock or deal with a frozen lock on your car or home. Continue reading to know more.

How to De-ice Frosted Home Door Locks

Here are some effective solutions that you can try in order to open the front frozen door of your home.

  • Apply Heat: You can apply heat on the frozen door by a hairdryer or a torch.  However, when you are locked outside your home, you may not have access to these tools. In such situations, you can take the help of a lighter or matches that might be with you.

You just need to make use of any source of heat to de-ice the lock. Put the key inside the lock and watch the ice melt away. Another method is to use the radiator of your car to remove the ice from the key. When using this option, ensure that you wear a pair of gloves to avoid any mishaps.

  • Remove the Ice: you can try to effectively remove the pieces of ice from the area surrounding the lock so that you can insert the key and try unlocking the lock. You can make use of the key itself or some similar tool to remove the extra pieces of ice without causing any damage to the lock.

If you don’t find any success with these tips or you are afraid that you might damage the lock, it is best to get in touch with a professional locksmith as they are experienced in this field and have all the necessary tools to work on your lock without damaging it. When hiring professional locksmiths, you may rest assured that your home lock is in safe hands.

How to De-ice Frosted Car Door Locks?

Compared to home locks, it is quite easy to defrost car locks. Assuming that you can enter your home, you can make use of several easy tools that are available in your home to fix this issue immediately. Here are a few effective tips you can follow to defrost your car door.

  • Take Help Of An Aerosolized De-icer: Bring a can of de-icer from your home or a nearby store and spray it on the frosted car lock to melt the ice. You can also make use of tools such as your hairdryer with a long cord to melt the ice. You can also use an extension to let the dryer reach your car. Find out if you can use the electrical point outside your home as a better alternative.

Make sure that you prevent the wind from dispersing the heat from the blow dryer to allow the lock to get a large amount of heat.

  • Heat the key to your home: You can use a lighter or match sticks to heat the key. You can immerse the key in a pot of hot water. Make sure to use gloves to avoid any injury to your hands.

Tips To Check Your Locks from Frosting or Freezing

One of the culprits that damage locks in winter is moisture. When the temperature drops, moisture converts to ice and jams your home and car locks. In order to prevent this from occurring over and over again, you can oil your locks to add an extra protective layer on the locks.

Make sure to oil the keyways on the car and home locks before the cold weather begins. This effective tip will definitely keep your locks from frosting away in chilly weather.

Are There Any Risks With DIY De-Icing Methods?

All the methods and tips mentioned above are the best and come in handy when you are dealing with frosted locks on your home and car. However, these tips can cause accidents and injuries to your hand when not followed properly. You can burn your hand from boiling water, a lighter or another heat source. Also, there are chances to injure your hand while chipping away the ice from the lock with a sharp object such as a knife. In addition, this method can damage the internal mechanism of your lock and render it useless.

Therefore, it is suggested that you always remain alert and cautious when unlocking a frosted or frozen look by yourself. Alternatively, instead of wasting time on handling complicated frosted locks of your car, it is recommended that you hire the services of professional locksmiths.

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