The 5 Benefits to Owning a Get Locksmith Franchise

The 5 Benefits to Owning a Get Locksmith Franchise

Welcome to Get Locksmith, an all-encompassing franchise plan that will help you be successful from the very beginning. We look forward to working with talented locksmiths who can take customer service to a new level. What makes a Get Locksmith franchise different? Our plan is built around supporting you and allowing you to focus on building your team and finding the best ways to make sure all your customers are pleased with their experience. We focus on making your business stand out through the following areas:  


Our campaign managers have worked for many years in the locksmith industry, and are familiar with all that is needed to help you build a successful franchise.Get Locksmith not only builds and maintains a unique website for your business, but we connect it to our national page, as well. We also work to strengthen your online reputation and reach out to customers so that the credibility of your Get Locksmith franchise stands out among its competitors.  


With the power of a dedicated mobile locksmith dispatch center that sends jobs straight to your technicians. Our dispatchers are experts at converting calls into jobs, and that means more profit for your business. Plus, the fact that Get Locksmith manages the dispatch team means that you have more time to focus on the jobs and ensure your technicians are always providing excellent customer service.  

Field Management

Managing a business takes a significant amount of time and effort. In order to make things easier for you, Get Locksmith works with software that will be able to manage and track your inventory, monitor all the steps of service provided by your mobile technicians, and create one portal for all the necessary information to run your business. In addition to business management tools, Get Locksmith will outfit your mobile technicians with a GPS system that allows them to find the quickest way to their customers. Plus, the dispatchers will have access to the locations of the technicians and will be directing the service calls to the nearest technician. These two factors combined will help in cutting down on the customer's waiting time. 4 (7)

Commercial Partnerships

As Get Locksmith franchises are established in many different cities across the United States, we will work to build relationships with a variety of professionals and organizations, including realtors, towing companies, and contractors. These connections will be useful for expanding your business network, as well as your name recognition as you become more established in the city where you work. By partnering with these companies, you will create one-on-one relationships that will help your business grow beyond its original framework.  

Customer Success

We want your customers to talk about their experience with Get Locksmith. After the job is complete, a Get Locksmith customer success representative will contact them and ask them to fill out a survey and submit a review regarding their interactions with the technician. We will collect all the necessary data and compile it into reports that will help us figure out the best way to continue to enhance the relationship between the customer and Get Locksmith.   Get Locksmith is a terrific chance to build a credible locksmith business with a full support team already in place. This is an exclusive opportunity-only one Get Locksmith store will be available in most major cities! If you are an experienced locksmith ready to take advantage of a great opportunity, call Get Locksmith to find out the next steps you need to take to be on your way to success!