Doggy Door Installation And Enhanced Security Tips

Doggy Door Installation

Well-secured doggy doors are some of the simplest and most convenient solutions when it comes to keeping your pets happy and potential burglars away from your home. The catch is that not all pet owners are aware of the importance of strengthening security on these doors or having the right ones installed, to begin with. However, with the right precautionary measures in place, a pet door is a genuine blessing for all dog owners.

Why Doggy Door Installation?

Doggy doors are an added convenience to any home with pets. It enables your furry friends to go in and out of the house whenever they feel like it. This way, you will get rid of one of the daily stresses of having to make time for walking your pet. Plus, you will no longer have to worry about any messy accidents inside your house, when your dog hasn't been walked on time. Going on vacation will also be a much simpler endeavor for your pet who will be left behind, alone. No more the need to talk to your neighbors and ask them to walk your dog every day. As long as you will handle every dog door security risk with the utmost attention and care, you should have no reason why you shouldn't have a doggy door installed.

Risks Associated To Doggy Door Installation

Doggy Door InstallationFor starters, you could risk opting for the wrong size for your doggy door. A door that is too small for your pet will render the whole purpose of the door useless. They will not be able yo get in and out and you will be left with an unaesthetic hole in your front or back door.

Secondly, a dog door that is too large for your small dog will be an open invitation for other beings as well. Depending on where you live, you could be dealing with wild animals or the elements going through the large-sized doggy door. Plus, there is always the risk of a burglar taking advantage of a larger dog door when trying to make their way into your home. A tall pet door could mean a home burglar could easily sneak their hand in and pick the lock without being noticed.

While some pet owners might have never thought about this dog door security risk, most will usually feel slightly concerned about it. Luckily for you, if you are a new pet owner or you have just now started considering the alternative of using a doggy door, modern-day pet doors come with this exact concern in mind.

Pet Doors Don't Need To Be The Weakest Link

Gone are the days when dog door installation usually meant a sentence to your home being potentially burglarized. This additional entryway does not need to pose an enhanced security risk to your home's safety. As long as the installation is done the right way, preferably by an expert locksmith who is authorized, you should have no problem safely using the pet door hassle-free.

Also, knowing how to effectively select the most reliable soggy door that comes with its own set of security enhancements should bring you more peace of mind. We are, of course, talking about modern-day doggy doors that come with sensors, alarms or locks. Depending on your budget and particular needs, you could invest in a variety of highly-advanced pet doors.

Making sure that the outdoor area that your pet will be free-running around in is properly secured with a locked fence is also critical.

Opt for a dog door kit that features a cover that can keep your pet in or out, depending on your wants, while deterring potential burglars. Look into doors that come with their own set of hinges and a key and lock system, as well as combo locks. While these dog doors may somehow limit your pet's freedom of movement, you will enjoy more reassurance at the thought that no crook can make his way in through the new home entrance.

There are also dog door models that come with a pet vision camera for further convenience and protection.

How To Burglar-Proof Dog Doors

  • Getting the right size for your dog door is a must. Never buy a door that is too big for your pet's needs because you will be practically inviting burglars in. get the smallest size possible that will allow your pet to freely roam in and out of the house when they please.

  • Use a pet door cover made of steel that features a 4-digit combo lock and a gauge made of steel for optimum results.

  • Choose an automatic door for your pets. These doors are manipulated with the help of a special collar that you will need to place on your dog. The collar can contain an RFID chip or a similar identification solution that will automatically unlock the door for your dog. At the same time, the system will keep many pests at bay can provide.

  • Choose the back door or a more discreet location for our doggy door installation. Try not to advertise the fact that you practically have a hole in your home that is easily visible and accessible from the street.

  • Always remember to enforce your dog door lock once it is installed, just like you would do with the locks on your home. Remember to always use the lock when you are on vacation or away from home. Also, the locking cover should be used properly when you are away for a few days.