Deadbolts: The Quickest Way To Make Your House Safer


Looking for a quick but effective solution for the doors of your home? A deadbolt is a good first option. Deadbolts are the most common type of lock for front doors on homes, and they pair well with other locks to help increase security. They are also relatively inexpensive (ranging in price from $20 for a single cylinder and $200 for a keyless cylinder) and are available at most hardware stores or locksmiths. A deadbolt gets its name because as opposed to other locks that rely on spring mechanisms, the bolt here can only be turned by the thumb turn or the key itself. There are three different types of deadbolt:

Single Cylinder

The most common type of residential lock, the single-cylinder only requires a key on one side and has a “thumb turn” on the other. Overall, the locks are simple but effective. The downside about this is if you have a window right next to your door, a thief can break the glass and turn the inside piece manually with no problem at all.

Double Cylinder

Deadbolts with Double cylinders work basically along with the same principle, but they require a key to open on either side. One reason some people might hesitate to use this lock is that, in the case that you need to get out of your house quickly, you don’t want to have to be rushing to try and find a key.

Keyless Cylinder

With a keyless deadbolt, you have the security of a deadbolt with the added protection of a passcode. You will always need to enter a code, but using a key is optional. While no lock is 100% fool-proof, the fact that deadbolts do not operate on spring action mechanisms means the lock can’t be overridden by a small tool like a knife. It also takes a lot of force to damage a deadbolt.   For the best choice of the deadbolt, choose one with an ANSI Grade 1 Lock. Issued by the American National Standards Institute, Grade 1 means it is the most secure lock available for both commercial and residential properties. Grade 2 is also sufficient for homes, but Grade 3 means it just meets the minimum requirements. The deadbolt is a versatile lock, and while it has some drawbacks, just having a deadbolt installed can decrease your risk for burglary. They are affordable for any budget, and can almost always be rekeyed if needed.  To find out which deadbolt is the right lock for you, call the expert technicians at Get Locksmith.