Car Theft Statistics Every Driver Should Know

car theft statistics

Did you fall victim to a recent car theft crime? Congratulations! You are now part of a huge and vastly growing community or thousands of people who suffered from the same fate.

Sure the number of stolen vehicles across the country has dropped compared to previous years. However, this does not mean that the more advanced car security technologies used by today's car manufacturers are making cars completely impenetrable. On the contrary, drivers seem to have become more complacent while relying on smart locks and key fobs, which leads to accidental lockouts and stolen vehicles. To come to your help, the Get Locksmith team has done the research for you and came up with a few interesting statistics and important car theft data that should turn you into a more responsible driver.

What Is The Most Stolen Car Of The Year?

Knowing what is the most stolen car of the year might help you ponder more your decision of buying a new car more. It could also have no other effect on you other than to turn you into a more careful driver who pays more attention to where he parks his car or stores his keys.

Honda has been a part of the shameful statistics during recent years, as the Japanese brand that is ranked the eight in a top of the greatest car manufacturers in the world is also the preferred brand of car thieves in the US. Honda Civic was named the most stolen car in America, closely followed by Honda Accord and the For Pickup and the Chevrolet Pickup models.

Whether you are driving one of these exact models or you are the owner of a different model or brand, one thing is sure. You cannot solely rely on the thought that it won't happen to you, or on the idea that you live in a relatively safe city or neighborhood. Cars are made for traveling and you never know where you might end up – with a locked set of keys inside the trunk or the car, for that matter. The Get-Locksmith team can assist you with any roadside lock and key issue, including emergency lockouts. We can reach you within half an hour from calling our dispatch number and immediately send over trained help. We can restore your access to your car and issue a new set of keys you will be able to use straight away. Store our number in your emergency contacts – hopefully, you will never have to use it, but in case you do, you should only rely on expert services.

One Car Is Stolen Every 6.5 Minutes

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, one vehicle is being stolen from the rightful owners every 6.5 minutes. That's a total of close to 156 drivers or owners being left without their precious rides every day. With 60 percent of US citizens claiming they never or rarely take into account anyone stealing their vehicle, there is no surprise the statistics are so worrisome.

80 percent of Americans say they lock their cars, with 93 claiming to never leave a spare key inside the car. However, half of the drivers fail to park in safe, well-lit and security-protected parking lots. Do you usually hide your bag, laptop or purse when parking your park? If you answered “no”, you count among the 40 percent of car owners who act just like you. In other words, you are almost sending an open invitation to nearby opportunist crooks who are waiting for their next easy prey. And there is nothing better than a driver who left his car unlocking with the keys in the ignition and a fresh bank statement on the front seat. How many times do you leave the engine running and the car unlocked while running to do a quick errand across the street? It's time to stop jeopardizing the integrity of your car and start putting yourself in the shoes of potential thieves.

How To Prevent Car Theft With A Few Simple Solutions

  • In order to avoid turning into car thieves' next victim, no matter what brand and model you might be driving, we strongly recommend you to get in touch with a professional car locksmith.

  • Have them accurately assess the security of your car's locks, alarm and ignition switch. Any signs of a worn-out lock or key fob could eventually lead to your car being more vulnerable in the hands of potential property thieves.

  • Periodically repeat the car security inspection and make sure everything is working right.

  • Once you know you can rely on all of your locks and keys, practice some common sense precaution measures.

  • Never park your car in an unsafe, poorly-lit area with zero foot traffic.

  • Never leave your car behind without double-checking you have locked it and you have the keys on you.

  • Never leave the engine running and the car unlocked with the keys in the ignition when running an errand.

  • Make a habit out of always checking you have armed the alarm.

  • Always roll up the windows when parking your vehicle.

  • Consider replacing the locks with high-security or smart locks to prevent someone from hot-wiring your car.

Call Get Locksmith today for one of our mobile locksmiths to come to you and help you make sure your car will stay yours for as long as possible.