Why Do You Need A Car Alarm On Your Vehicle?

Car Alarm

Your precious vehicle is one of your most prized possessions. Don't let it get stolen or damaged because of a missing or broken car alarm.

Car Alarms, The Cheapest Car Security Solutions

The security of your car should be the first thing on your mind every time you park your vehicle in your driveway, inside your home garage, at the office's parking lot or in front of your favorite diner or hotel when out of town. With more than 770,000 cars being stolen in 2018 in the US alone (that's a 7 percent increase from the previous year), and very few resolved cases that brought back the cars to their rightful owners, you have every reason to worry about your vehicle's protection. You can start doing something about it with the help of a car alarm. It's one of the handiest, affordable and simple to use security devices that can dramatically lower the risk of theft. No car thief wants to be caught red-handed while doing the deed, and a loud alarm will definitely draw the attention of neighbors or passers-by, not to mention the actual owner of the car.

If you already have an alarm fitted on your car but you cannot remember when was the last time you had it assessed or repaired, you should get in touch with a reliable locksmith and get that fixed. Here at Get Locksmith, we specialize in the entire range of car alarm services ranging from car alarm installation to car alarm fix, the replacement of coded keys and the list goes on. If you are getting ready to travel and you plan on driving your own vehicle to the destination, not having a functioning car alarm could prove to be a genuine disaster. If your alarm tends to go off with no apparent reason, maybe several times a day or especially at night, or you cannot turn it off when unlocking and locking your car, you definitely need expert help.

What Causes Car Alarm Issues

Car AlarmCar alarms can stop working the right way for a number of reasons. Unless you are a certified locksmith for cars or a car mechanic, it can be difficult to determine what is making your alarm not to function normally. Here are a few of the most common reasons why a car alarm might be causing your hardships:

  • Broken electrical wires or loose wires caused by the wear-and-tear factor. If you are driving a fast speed car or you tend to move at high speeds and you are constantly bumping into things on the road, you could be damaging your car alarm without even realizing it. The same goes for slamming your car doors shut – this could easily cause a sensitive wire to break and automatically cause a malfunction in the alarm. The problem is not that difficult to fix, at least at a first glance, but unless you have the training to do it, it is best to rely on a specialized locksmith or car mechanic.

  • Improper car alarm installation. If you need a quick car alarm fix for an alarm that has been recently installed on your vehicle, you are probably dealing with a faulty installation. It could also be the alarm manufacturer's fault (they might have sold you a faulty alarm) or might be the fault of the person (you or someone else) who handled the installation and did something wrong. In this case, you may need to completely replace the alarm or only worry about replacing a single faulty part.

  • The frequencies don't match. A car alarm uses radio waves to communicate with the transponder key. These frequencies need to perfectly match, similar to a radio tuner. It is possible that this tuner to reset on its own periodically or even lose its sequence, requiring fresh synchronization.

  • The transponder key is broken. The transponder key sends and receives messages to a car's security system. This occurs via wireless technology. At times, because of repetitive use or too many bumps, a transponder key could be dealing with a damaged chip. The simple solution is to have the broken chip reprogrammed or replaced with a new one. This is usually a job for a professional lock technician for vehicles.

  • The batteries need to be replaced. Sometimes, the problem is as simple as a new change of batteries. If it's been more than a year since you've last had your car key batteries replaced, you might be dealing with a dead battery soon. This means you will also need to worry about having the transponder chip reprogrammed, which will cost you more time and money. Make sure you set a date in the calendar and remind yourself to regularly change the batteries.

  • Faulty ignition cylinder problems. Yet another common reason why you might be dealing with a car alarm that won't stop going off when you attempt to get the engine to start. The problem could be a broken, dirty or faulty switch cylinder that will require the full attention of a licensed locksmith. This is not a job for a driver who has zero experience setting a cylinder switch apart and replacing any faulty parts. At the same time, it is one of the most common jobs automotive locksmiths are hired to do.

No matter what might be causing your car alarm to act up or whether you need an alarm installed on your newly bought car, the Get-locksmith team is here to assist you!