Breathalyzer Car Locks – How Do They Work?

Breathalyzer Car Locks

If you have a DUI conviction and you need to have a breathalyzer installed in your car as a pre-condition to using it, we are the right locksmiths for the job.

Dealing with a DUI (driving under influence) or a DWI (driving while intoxicated) usually incurs a series of life changes that may be more or less difficult to cope with. Iy this is your first time facing a DUI charge, you will need to get ready to present yourself in front of a judge during a court arraignment. This is the time when a judge will formally charge you of the crime that you have committed and ask you to enter your plea. You should also know there are fines that you will need to pay in accordance with the same felony. Plus, more often than not, you will need to complete a DUI risk reduction class and install a breathalyzer car lock on your vehicle. If you have no idea what a car breathalyzer is or you do not know how to install it on your vehicle, these next lines should give you a clearer view of what to expect.

What Is A Car Lock Breathalyzer?

Breathalyzer Car LocksBreathalyzers for car ignitions are also referred to as ignition interlock devices and they are defined as interlock systems connected to a vehicle's engine. They ask drivers to submit a breath sample every time they get behind the wheel with the intention of driving and they measure the concentration of alcohol on the driver's breath. If this amount is below a predetermined level, the driver will be allowed to instantly start the engine. If this is not the case, the driver will be unable to start the car for the time being.

Each US state has its own regulations in terms of breath alcohol concentration levels (BrAC). If this is your first DUI felony, you will be normally asked to keep this device installed for at least five months. The breathalyzer also needs to be periodically assessed for faults and recalibrated to it can comply with the industry standards and state and federal regulations. Disobeying any of the legal terms of your DUI conviction will result in additional driver's license suspending.

Keep in mind the BrAC testing is meant to stop drivers who have consumed alcoholic beverages from driving. All American states have extremely small BrAC levels considered acceptable. This automatically means that consuming products that contain alcohol or drinking even small amounts of alcohol could lead to your failure of the test. Failing a car lock breathalyzer test means your car's ignition will be blocked for 5 minutes the minimum, up to 30 minutes. Once this amount of time has passed, you will be able to submit a nee breathing sample and have your alcohol concentration tested once again. Failing the test a second time will prolong the amount of time your ignition will be locked for.

What Are Rolling Tests?

Some states may require drivers to take a so-called “rolling test” which is a breathalyzer test in motion. If the driver fails this test, the car will sounds the horn and start flashing the lights or sound the alarm until the driver pulls over and turns the engine off. Failing the rolling test, however, does not mean that the vehicle will be automatically shut off. In order to be allowed to restart the engine once the vehicle is pulled over somewhere safe, the driver will need to retake the ignition interlock test.

Which Breathalyzer Car Lock Works Best?

A smaller, compact-size lock breathalyzer is a good idea for someone who is using such a device for the first time. All ignition interlock devices come with special software that has been designed to stop drivers from cheating on their breathing tests. All information collected during the testing phases will be instantly transferred to the period, on a weekly basis. Some devices are more sensitive to high humidity levels in the air, certain air pressure levels, and other similar factors. For best results, make sure you compare a few models before deciding upon one to install on your vehicle.

Who Can Install My Car Ignition Interlock?

Get in touch with an authorized locksmith for cars in your area and schedule an appointment with them. Make sure they specialize in breathalyzer installation, maintenance, and recalibration. If you are having second doubts concerning the model you should invest in, an automotive locksmith should also be able to recommend the best solutions according to your budget needs. Keep in mind all ignition interlock devices must National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standards, along with local and state requirements.

It is important to hire a knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and courteous lock technician who can handle the installation for you and give you clear instructions on how to correctly use the device.

How Much Do Car Breathalyzer Cost?

Car breathalyzers are found at different prices in accordance with the period of time you are forced to use the device or the make and model of the vehicle you are driving. Usually, as a rule of thumb, ignition interlocks installed on luxury cars are pricier than breathalyzers on cheaper cars.

By hiring a licensed and insured locksmith service to have your device installed, you will benefit from smaller service rates and even discounts on breathalyzers.

Get in touch with us today and let us assist you with your exact car lock breathalyzer installation and recalibration needs at good rates and fast speeds. We also handle other cars, motorcycle, bus or van lock, key, and ignition repair services and we are available 24 hours a day, all year long.