The Best Home Security Apps For Enhanced Protection

home security apps

Today's advanced smartphone apps already allow you to control the lights around your house, turn on the oven while you are still at work or make your favorite cup of coffee in the morning without having to get out of bed. It's all a matter of tapping of buttons, or even just saying what you want, and after a few smart home setups inside your home magic happens.

Why wouldn't you rely on a few of these apps to control your front door lock from a remote distance or have your door unlock for you automatically, while you are parking your car in the garage or walking towards your home?

Why Are Home Security Mobile Apps A Good Idea?

  • When people go on vacation, they tend to stress out about the vulnerability of their empty homes that no one will be watching. While classic home alarm systems may work well, unless they are properly maintained and connected to a local security company, they will not be of much help. Also, some skilled burglars may be familiar with the model you are using and know exactly which wires to cut to prevent the alarm from going off and alerting the authorities.

  • More and more professional security companies on the market have started building special security apps that can be used by homeowners who do not have a lot of experience using computers or smartphones. It is not only computer-savvy homeowners that will want to make use of these apps. The simpler and more convenient these apps are, the bigger the crowd they will attract.

  • A Bluetooth deadbolt with keypad and fingerprint or access card control, for example, will prove its usefulness for households with a large number of members or commercial buildings with hundreds of employees who need to make their way into work every day. Research laboratories, school offices, and office buildings are additional examples of potential clients for these locks.

  • Smart apps that can enhance security on your home will allow you to know exactly what is happening at home while you are not there. Rebellious teens and small children will be better supervised and accidents and tragedies can be avoided more easily.

  • The live footage you will be able to see, save and store in the cloud or using different other storage mediums will also prove to be useful in case you will need to show the images of your home being broken into to the police. They will work just as well for trying to teach your smoking teenage son or daughter a lesson.

  • Video doorbells that can be controlled with the help of a smartphone will also prove their efficiency in keeping potential crooks out or helping you carry conversations with your unexpected guests ringing the bell, while you are at work.

What Does A Security App Need To Be Good?

smart home security appsIn order for a home security app to work well and accomplish its goals, it should be user-friendly and have a menu that is easy to access and understand. The layout should clearly show users how to control their home activity, locks and alarms with just a few taps, change settings and issue temporary guest access keys.

A good security app should also let you immediately arm and disarm your surveillance system with the help of a unique password and other identification protocols and check status changes on the spot via a smartphone from any remote location on the planet.

Another feature of any home security app should have is connectivity with the home security system as well as other devices part of home automation. In other words, you should be able to control the lights, temperature, humidity, locks, alarms and monitoring cameras with the help of the same software. No one wants to waste precious time accessing dozens of apps to figure out which one turns off the lights and which one controls the front door lock.

You should also look for an app that sends live alerts and enables you to use the live-viewing function to keep a close eye of everything that is going on inside or around your house in real-time.

Most apps are compatible with most of today's smartphones and their corresponding operating systems and software, however, make sure you will be getting an app that is fully compatible with your smartphone model so you can make full use of all of its features.

The ability to create automated routines via your app should also concern you when hunting a new security app for your home.

Top Security Apps For 2020

  1. ADT Mobile App enables users to supervise their homes when they are not there and receive real-time sensor-based alerts whenever their doors are opened or the security system is turned off. It also allows you to enjoy more peace of mind by double-checking if the ADT monitored system is armed or if the front door is locked. The app also features live camera footage from cameras places indoors, outdoors, as well as inside the doorbell. The app can be used by six different household members simultaneously.
  2. Frontpoint Mobile App lets you check the status of your home's security with a single click of a button, using movement sensors, this app is also quick to let you know whenever there is any movement at the front or back door. You will also be able to control the door on your garage or watch live footage of your property when you are on vacation.
  3. Vivint Sky App can handle several door locks and sensors and additional home automation settings for lights or temperature for enhanced convenience and comfort. It also allows users to review the security event history straight off their phone and receive real-time alerts in case of intrusion.

If you do opt for a smart security system to be installed in your home, and one that will give you full control over your locks and entry doors, don't hesitate to give us a call