Apartment Security Measures for Tenants and Managers

Apartment Security Measures for Tenants and Managers

It is more difficult to recommend changes for apartment locks as opposed to private home owners, because many apartment managers either require a certain type of lock or manage any lock changes themselves. However, for tenants and managers alike, there are certain suggestions that can be made:

Security Measures For Tenants

  • If you can change the locks after moving in, do so.  If not, you should still be allowed to rekey them. That is a highly recommended security measure because you do not know who holds a key to the previous lock or lock combination.
  • Use a safe for valuables, especially if your building manager holds a master key.
  • Always lock your door immediately after entering your apartment.  Add a security chain if necessary.  Also, you may be able to install a portable wireless security system, another very strong alternative option

Apartment Security For Managers

  • If your building has a front door, make sure it stays closed.  Make sure you have a backup key for the door at all times.  If you require an entry code, make sure you require tenants to use it and not to let people in who claim not to have the code.
  • Security cameras would be a good addition in entryways, alleys behind the building, and any other public areas of concern.
  • Demonstrate good upkeep of all the locks in the building, including entry doors, emergency doors, window locks, and the apartments themselves. This not only will keep your tenants safe, but demonstrate to them that you are aware of all their security needs.

Any changes made to your locks or security setup should follow building code and policy, as well as be to the benefit of all the tenants. For major changes on either the part of the tenant or the manager, all the implications should be discussed with all parties whom the changes will affect.