Antique Lock Installation And Repair

Antique Lock

Door locks, padlocks, chest-of-drawers or a vintage jewelry box that belonged to someone else – what do they all have in common, other than their old age? They usually have broken or obsolete locks that will leave your prized possessions vulnerable in the hands of burglars.

Old homes, old chests, antique boxes, vintage keys, and padlocks always have a special charm that draws us in. It's a sentimental thing we almost always tie to our glorious past, even though we now have modern-day, sleep and shiny tech-based replacements. Yet, we cannot escape the magnetic appeal and mystique of old times. Some people love finding hidden gems in antique stores and yard sales, others go as far as to buy old homes and keep them intact for as long as possible.

No matter if you have some important family heirlooms that you would like to keep safe from the hands of unwelcome intruders in your vintage home or you need help with a particular antique chest or drawer, the Get-Locksmith team is here to assist you. We work with all types of old locks and keys and we can rekey, fix or replace any lock mechanism on the spot.

Century-Old Victorian Homes With Old Locks

Antique Lock InstallationHomes built in the Victorian era have an exquisite charm of their own that is difficult to imitate and reproduce. The beautifully carved vintage locks on the doors are usually masterpieces that the owners have a hard time letting go of. If you have recently invested in such a property and you would like to preserve as many of the old locks as possible, you should call a professional locksmith for homes. Have them carefully assess the current state of all of your interior and exterior locks and keys and issue recommendations based on their expertise. It is essential to only work with a well-seasoned lock technician who has been in the industry for many years and has worked with this type of locks many times before.

Why Should You Upgrade Or Change Antique-Locks?

Do not risk having a rookie cause irreparable damage to your locks; rely on experience, expertise, and professionalism. The Get-Locksmith service, for example, has many years of experience working with antique locks for homes. We can assist you with your every need on the spot, as our mobile technicians always carry fully-equipped toolboxes in their vans.

Hiring a trustworthy locksmith to upgrade your old locks is also essential for beefing up security in your new home. Do not risk accidentally locking yourself out of your new home because of a faulty lock you never got to fix before moving in. Also, an old home means at least one previous owner has used the set of keys you are currently using. How do you know they haven't kept a spare key by mistake or on purpose? Instead of going to bed with this troubling thought in mind every night, we warmly advise you to hire a locksmith who can either re-key the lock and issue a new set of keys you can use or have a brand new lock installed.

You should still be able to find beautiful vintage models of locks and keys or you could opt for an electronic lock with a keypad or access control cards or smart locks you can control with your phone – if you are looking to set foot into the modern era of electronic locks.

Another reason why you should hire a lock technician to assist you with your old locks is that they are more likely to get stuck, causing you to lock yourself out of a room or the house. Instead of having to call a locksmith in the middle of the night and feel the embarrassment of your new neighbors watching you try to break into your own home, looking all suspicious, make sure that does not happen – at least not because of an obsolete lock that is no longer working normally.

Expert 24/7 Old Lock Repairs

Sometimes, it is possible to have an old lock repaired instead of having it replaced with a new one that will ruin the charm of your vintage door. Keep in mind, however, that a vintage lock is much more sensitive compared to a modern lock and it is more at risk of damage, especially because of improper handling.

Trying to fix or replace a small, broken component of a vintage lock takes a lot of attention to detail, skill, and knowledge of what you are doing. Our technicians know exactly how to handle these particular types of lock repairs and they will do their best to always save and preserve a lock instead of recommending you to have it replaced. This may not always be possible, but it is important to find an old lock technician who will run that extra mile for you and do everything in their power to save your locks.

When re-keying is an option, we will also let you know and keep the damage to a minimum. We cater to the needs of people in all US states, cities, town and remote areas. We work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with no interruption. We know how critical it is to have a reliable emergency locksmith whom you can call in case of an accidental lockout or a jammed key problem. Our specialized mobile locksmiths answer emergency calls nonstop and can reach any address within 20 to 30 minus from calling customer support.

Get in touch with us, schedule an appointment and have your old home locks assessed and upgraded or let us send over the nearest technician in case of a lockout.