5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Car Safe

Keep Your Car Safe

Your car is always at risk for theft, whether you are going on vacation or going to the grocery store. But there are ways to reduce that risk and give yourself a better sense of security. By following these tips, you might make a thief think twice before breaking in.  

Always Hide Your Valuables

Items visible through car windows make your car more likely to be broken into. If you can avoid keeping valuables in your car at all, that should be your first course of action. For smaller items like documents, keep them in your glove compartment. Larger items such as laptops or tablets should be put in the trunk while you are away from the car.  

Choose Your Parking Spot Carefully

This is an especially important tip if you are going out at night, but it is also useful for the daytime. Always park in an area that is well-lit and is near a lot of other cars or a lot of people walking around. The closer your car is to a heavily-trafficked area, the fewer opportunities a thief has to get in. By parking under or near a street light, you will have a better view of your car as you approach and can stay alert for any unusual behavior around your vehicle.  

Close Your Windows

Regardless of the weather, leaving the window open when you are away from your car as a risky move. Even a little bit of space gives a thief a lot of leeways to get into your car. Many thieves work with flat tools that can slide through an open window with no problem. By rolling up your window, you might make a thief think twice before trying to open your car.  

Lock Your Car

The easiest way to protect your car starts when you get to your destination. Even if you are just running into a store for five minutes or to get one item, always turn off your engine and lock the doors. When you do lock it, either pull on it manually just to be sure or, if you have a transponder key, push the lock button a couple of extra times. If your key gives you the option for a remote start, do not start your car until you are close enough that no one else will be able to enter before you.  

Hold Onto Your Keys

Are you regularly asking others where your keys are? In order to keep track of them, put them on a keychain with other keys. Also, use a keychain that stands out: something in a bright color or has some mark that is easy to identify. If it helps, when walking to your car, always have your keys in your hand before you get to your car so you are not scrambling to find them when you get to your car. The simplest steps are always the best steps to putting yourself into a safer situation, but nothing is foolproof. Always be aware of your surroundings, and if your car is broken into, call the police and your insurance company. If you ever have any concerns about the security of your car’s locks, call the experts at Get Locksmith to make sure they are in the best condition possible.